Julia Styles is a corporate speaker, certified innovation facilitator, and professional trainer based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas region. Julia facilitates brainstorming and innovation workshops, and helps organizations foster a culture of innovation, and create ideas for new products, services and strategies.

Julia has over a decade of experience working for universities and religious organizations, including Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, The University of Wisconsin Graduate School, North Park University, and Ubiquity University. During that time, Julia has Bachelor’s and Masters degrees from the University of Wisconsin.

Julia has collaborated with various innovation and marketing consulting groups since 2005, working on behalf of non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies to innovate their products and marketing campaigns.  She is certified and trained in the Innovation Step-by-Step methodology and can deliver innovation training workshops, brainstorming sessions, and keynote speeches within the United States and abroad.

Previous Client Projects Include:

Julia Conducts Innovation, Brainstorming, & Strategy Workshops using the Innovation Step-by-Step Approach

Ideation for Innovation Workshops

Have you ever participated in a bad brainstorming session, where loud mouths take over, first ideas get the most attention, the volunteer writing down ideas starts editing or asks you to repeat yourself because they can’t hear you above the chatter?

There is a better way! I have worked with teams that can generate hundreds of ideas for new products or services in less than an hour, and I can teach you to do the same.


  • Turn your biggest challenges into opportunities for innovation
  • Gain a simple and systematic process for structuring your brainstorming strategy
  • Learn the conditions required for the perfect brainstorm
  • Discover tested idea generating tools
  • Learn how to rapidly stimulate new ideas systematically
  • Analyze and synthesize your ideas into visual concepts
  • Create 100 ideas in less than an hours

Who should attend?

All organizations need new and better ideas. Strategic Idea Generating Workshops are relevant for Managers, Executives, Employees, Small Business Owners, Content Creators, Educators, Students, Leaders and anyone who wants or needs to create new ideas and solutions.

Time Required

90 minutes to a full day

Innovation Consulting and Brainstorming Facilitation 

The challenges you face as an organization can be daunting, but they are also opportunities for creativity and innovation. In today’s competitive landscape, innovation is essential to success, and the first step towards innovation is clarifying the challenge.

As an expert in innovation and idea generation, I will provide the tools and methods needed to turn problems into solutions. Through a combination of one-on-one consulting, facilitated brainstorming and creativity sessions, and trend analysis, I can help you find the solutions to your organization’s most pressing concerns.

Consulting includes:

Customizable Focused Topics & Questions for Ideation

  • How do we increase our customer base?
  • How do we increase consumer satisfaction?
  • How do we grow our bottom line?
  • How do we create fresh content for online marketing?
  • How do we improve service provision to our clients?
  • How do we do more with less money?
  • How do we create new revenue streams?

Professional Brainstorming Facilitation

You provide the time, place and stakeholders (employees, customers, creatives) and I will provide the process, tools and guidance to generate hundreds of ideas.

Idea Analysis and Synthesis

I will guide you through the sifting and winnowing of ideas, so that the best themes and concepts remain.

Concept Development, Testing & Communication

I will provide you with the next-steps to move your top ideas into full-blown concepts that can be visualized, tested and advanced.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Workshop

This innovative workshop will guide you through the innovation step-by-step process to help you and your team create, develop and validate entrepreneurial ideas. This workshop is ideal for individuals and organizations who want to foster a culture of workplace innovation, generate new ideas and solutions, and learn innovation by doing it for real challenges.

Who should participate

All organizations need to innovate. Any staff members could attend. Managers, Executives, Educators, Leaders and organizations developing an innovation initiative, university entrepreneurship challenge, staff engagement program or leadership retreat.

Time Duration

Half-day or Full-day Workshops in Person or Online video modules with guided facilitation


  1. Innovation Motivation
  2. Clarifying your challenge
  3. Asking the right questions
  4. Idea generation
  5. Analysis and synthesization of ideas
  6. Concept development and planning
  7. Testing & Stakeholder feedback
  8. MVP development
  9. Communicating and Advancement

Results you will experience

  • Create an innovation vision that matters
  • Develop a systematic approach to take your organization from challenge to innovation
  • Uncover potential opportunities for new revenue streams
  • Learn tested idea generating tools
  • How to synthesize your ideas into themes
  • Develop a concept sheet for validation
  • Launch a communications plan
Please contact us at [email protected] about your innovation and brainstorming needs or interest. We can facilitate workshops, ideation sessions, or training. We can also deliver a program in conjunction with online innovation courses.