storytelling for leaders questions

Storytelling for Leaders (Top Questions)

We used our AI tool to try to identify the most frequently asked questions people have about storytelling for leaders. Here are the top questions, and also answers generated with help from our AI tool. Top Storytelling for Leadership Questions 1. What is the purpose of storytelling in leadership? 2. How can storytelling be used…

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leadership retreat facilitators

Leadership Retreat Facilitation and Planning

Leadership retreats (otherwise known as executive or corporate retreats) are incredibly useful for evaluating strategy, direction, vision, and more. Learn more about them in this blog.

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Miro Smart Meetings: A New Tool for Innovation Teams

Miro recently announced the launch of Smart Meetings, a new feature to its whiteboard tool that allows for meetings within boards.

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Nominal Group Technique Training

Learn about this group problem-solving and solution generating approach.

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Brainstorming rules for brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming Rules (What are the Rules for Brainstorming Sessions?)

“Brainstorming” as a concept was originally devised by Alex Osborn as a group ideation activity. Today, many people just consider individual idea generating (or thinking) as brainstorming – when it was originally meant to be a group experience…a brainstorming session. Alex Osborn’s book Applied Imagination: Principles and Procedures of Creative Problem-Solving is a classic foundational…

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Liberating Structures Training and Templates

Liberating Structures is a unique innovative methodology designed for improving organizational meetings. Find templates and training resources here.

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3 Stand Up Meeting & Huddle Templates

Looking for stand-up meeting or huddle templates? These top templates from Miro and MURAL can innovate your next organizational meeting.

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Design Thinking Digital Transformation Workshop Tips

How to facilitate a design thinking workshop for digital transformation This article is taken from a module of our design thinking facilitator train-the-trainer program which we run digitally.   Digital transformation is a significant and common challenge for organizations and thus a great design thinking project. The year 2020 forced organizations across disciplines and industries…

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Lightning Decision Jam Templates on Miro and Mural

These Lightning Decision Jam templates can help you effectively and easily implement this innovative meeting format into your own organization.

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6 Meeting Planning Templates from Miro

Looking for meeting planning templates to help you design and facilitate more effective innovation meetings? These templates from Miro can help.

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