Learn about Open Space Technology (OST) in our guide.

Open Space Technology Guide

Discover Open Space Technology, or OST, an innovative approach to meetings and collaboration that can help drive creativity and innovation.
World Cafe Hosting Facilitation Guide

The World Café Method: Hosting and Facilitating Collaborative Discussion

The World Café Method is a simple and a powerful tool to foster deep, meaningful conversations in various settings - from corporate environments, to community dialogue or listening sessions, to educational workshops. This participatory design process is helpful at leveraging collective intelligence, encouraging collaboration, and exploring complex topics through discussion. We often recommend a World Café approach to people who want an interactive, discussion filled event - but may be newer to facilitation.
Designing Workshops How to Design a Workshop

The Design of a Workshop: A Guide to Designing Workshops that Engage

The Design of a Workshop: A Guide to Designing Workshops that Engage. This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step approach to designing workshops, leveraging effective strategies and best practices. We use practical examples to demonstrate how to create engaging, innovative, and outcome-oriented workshops.
Sprintbase with Mural

The Facilitator’s Secret Weapon: Sprintbase + Mural

Now anybody with a Mural account can create, organize and share murals within Sprintbase. Here are a couple of typical scenarios we know facilitators experience, and the benefits using Mural and Sprintbase together bring. Read this guest article featuring advice and information about pairing Sprintbase and Mural together to hold successful projects and collaborative sprints.
storytelling for leaders questions

Storytelling for Leaders (Top Questions)

Storytelling can be your “leadership superpower” that can help you to have more positive impacts in your work with others. We've created this leadership storytelling FAQ guide as a compliment
leadership retreat facilitators

Leadership Retreat Facilitation and Planning

Leadership retreats (otherwise known as executive or corporate retreats) are incredibly useful for evaluating strategy, direction, vision, and more. Learn more about them in this blog.