Training on the Future of Work

Is your organization prepared for the future of work? Review the latest trends and discover how you can receive personalized training here.

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11 Templates for Brainstorming

Preparing for a virtual brainstorming or ideation session with your team? Consider using one of these online templates from Miro.

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The affinity diagram template from Miro.

Affinity Diagram Template

Looking for a virtual brainstorming/ideation software tool? Consider this affinity diagram template from Miro to help during your virtual session.

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Remote Design Sprint Template

Looking for a design sprint template you can use with your virtual teams? This template from Miro can help you effectively facilitate your next sprint.

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Empathy map training and template building with Miro.

Empathy Map Template Training

In this guide, we’ll cover empathy map training and template building using the software visualization tool Miro. Find out more here.

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Design Thinking Coaching

Design Thinking Coaching:  1on1 or Group We can connect you to an excellent design thinking coach who can help you apply design thinking in your own work, with your teams, and within your organization. Just send us an email at to learn more about the options. What is coaching for design thinking?   Coaching is…

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Design Thinking New Ways of Learning & Working

Many weeks ago I saw the first social media post from someone being “suddenly remote” due to COVID-19 and wondering what tools they should use for online collaboration. This seemed like a design thinking challenge emerging. An opportunity to put the steps of design thinking into practice: empathy, define, ideate, prototype and test. Since then,…

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What is Smaply?

Smaply is a digital customer journey map and persona creation tool, designed for innovative and design thinking teams. Learn more about this software here.

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What is Conceptboard?

Conceptboard is another remote working collaboration tool that can be used to effectively run innovation workshops and projects online.

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5 Big Advantages of Remote Design Thinking

When bringing people together to solve problems with design thinking, there may be more benefits to going remote than you think. This is an guest article by Sprintbase. Face-to-face design thinking workshops can be amazing. There is a certain energy, human connection and buzz that is pretty hard to reproduce in a virtual format.…

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