Design Thinking Training, Workshops & Courses

Learn about design thinking training, workshops and courses! Learn tools & mindsets to apply design thinking in your work, for a project, or in a DT workshop to take on a real innovation challenge with empathy.

Transformation Workshop

Transformation Workshops

When we design our transformation workshops and programs, we pull from many of the areas we’ve been studying, developing, acting on, and teaching for years. We integrate our program design and facilitation with transformation areas like leadership development, innovation, idea generation, growth mindset, design thinking, VUCA world, adapting to change, storytelling, and learning and development. We can also focus on any of these directions as part of the transformation workshop. Here's an example description of a workshop on transformation to give you an idea of our approach. In this example you can see we use storytelling as the powerful vehicle for transformation learning (and doing). 
Transformation Training

Transformation Training

Transformation is happening in many ways in our world. Organizations are transforming. Transformation is the vision, strategy and thus the learning and development need. Professionals are transforming doing their work in new ways and working on new things with new technologies or mindsets. Transformation is everywhere and we have to transform with it. Our transformation training pulls from many of the things we’ve been researching, doing and teaching for years. These are concepts like leadership development, innovation, idea generation, design thinking, VUCA world, adapting to change, storytelling, learning and development, combined with program design and facilitation.
Learn about design thinking in training and development.

Design Thinking in Training

Learn how design thinking can be used in training and development to engage learners and spark real change within your organization.
Find Miro training on Miro Academy.

Miro Training with Miro Academy

Interested in Miro training? We recommend Miro Academy, a collection of learning courses about the platform's features and use cases.
Top Learning and Development Training Conferences

Top Conferences for Training, Learning and Development (L&D) Professionals

The landscape of learning and development (L&D) and training is constantly changing, and professionals in the field often seek opportunities to keep abreast of the latest trends and to network with peers. Here is a list of significant L&D and training conferences that provide diverse learning opportunities, networking opportunities, and insights into industry advancements. There is no ranking to this list...we will lead with a couple of conferences that we have attended and led sessions at and continue one with more.
Storytelling quotes for business, leaders, education

Quotes about the Power of Storytelling (for Leaders, Learning & Business)

Storytelling Quotes for Business, Leaders & Learning: Storytelling is an age-old art that has the power to educate, transform, influence, and inspire. Whether in leadership, education, business, or personal growth, storytelling plays a pivotal role. Here are 50 of our favorite quotes about storytelling, categorized to highlight their diverse impacts and applications.
Agile Innovation Advisors JTBD Jobs to be Done

Agile Innovation Advisors Jobs to be Done (JTBD)

This Agile Innovation Advisors Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) Foundation Workshop Series is a jobs-to-be-done training that you can bring to your organization. Learn to unlock the power of jobs-to-be-done to stop wasting time on solutions your customers don’t want. JTBD is a leading framework for improving product messaging and positioning, prioritizing product roadmaps, improving the customer experience, and focusing your innovation efforts.