Find Jobs to Be Done framework training resources.

Jobs to be Done Framework Training

Learn about Jobs to Be Done (JTBD), an innovation framework for categorizing, defining, and organizing customer needs.

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What is Klaxoon?

Learn about Klaxoon, another digital collaboration tool designed for innovation and design thinking teams. Find resources and tips here!

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Invision Freehand

What is Invision Freehand?

Learn about Invision Freehand, a free collaborative cloud-based whiteboard tool that is designed for design thinking and innovation teams.

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What is FigJam by Figma?

Ideate and collaborate in teams with FigJam, the latest online whiteboarding tool from Figma. Find resources and tips to get started with this tool here.

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Acumen Academy & IDEO Human-Centered Design Course

Looking for a virtual human-centered design crash course workshop? Here are resources from Acumen Academy’s online course!

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Stanford D School Design Thinking Virtual Crash Course

Looking for a virtual design thinking workshop? We’re writing about Stanford D School’s new innovation course!

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4 Persona Templates from Mural

Looking for user persona templates? Try these four unique templates from whiteboard tool Mural.

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Liberating Structures Training and Templates

Liberating Structures is a unique innovative methodology designed for improving organizational meetings. Find templates and training resources here.

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4 Customer or User Journey Mapping Templates from Mural

Looking for customer or user journey mapping templates? Review these four easy-to-use templates from innovation software tool Mural.

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2 SCAMPER Templates from Miro

SCAMPER is a collection of innovation techniques designed to find solutions to organizational challenges. Find templates from Miro here.

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