Please email Darin at [email protected] to start a conversation about how we can help you or your organization with a workshop, course, training program or keynote speaker.

Send a message about what you are working on. We are always interested in hearing about your needs or the kind of program you would like. This could be a design thinking workshop or some other kind of innovative training or program you are seeking.

What might your organization need help with?

  • Designing a culture of innovation initiative
  • Creating ideas for new products, strategies, etc.
  • Leading or facilitating innovation in groups
  • Gaining innovative new tools, systems, or activities
  • Speaker for an event, workshop, or program
  • Design thinking

Are you looking for a particular type of event?

  • Design thinking program
  • Intensive innovation culture retreat
  • Interactive keynote speech
  • Brainstorming sessions 
  • Engaging innovation training workshops
  • Innovative facilitation courses
  • Leadership storytelling workshop
  • Something else we can use design thinking to design for you?

Include as many details as you know: 

  • Who your group is and the size: 1 – 1000
  • What you might like them to learn or do
  • In person or virtual
  • Part of a larger conference or training series: Y/N
  • Is there a particular session you were drawn to on our site, perhaps on our Design Thinking Training or Innovation Workshops page?

Please reach out even if you are just getting started on this journey, as we have designed and delivered unique programs for over 100 different clients and always welcome new topics or unique challenges. We have a network of over 40 trainers and facilitators who can deliver training workshops and sessions across the globe on a wide variety of innovation and leadership topics.

Email Darin at [email protected] to start a conversation!

Watch our short highlight videos to see what our programs look like in-person and virtually.

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