Educational Innovations for the Future

Description of Educational Innovations Video from Harvard: Joel Klein, chief executive officer of Amplify and former chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, discusses innovation in education at

Singularity University

Despite the staggering economy, researchers agree that technology advances will only accelerate. This is known as theory of singularity, which states that artificial intelligence will soon surpass human intelligence. Sound

Transformative Change in America’s Schools

University Video Description from Harvard: On October 23, 2013, Michele Cahill headlined an Askwith Forum entitled "Transformative Change in America's Schools" in Longfellow Hall at HGSE.

Reinventing Education

University Video Description from Harvard: HGSE Dean James Ryan introduces Anant Agarwal, the President of edX.

Innovations in Teaching

University Video Description from Harvard: Part of HGSE's Teaching and Learning Week, on October 8th, 2013, an Askwith Forum on Innovations in Teaching was held in Longellow Hall. HGSE Dean

Ethics and Leadership: Innovation in Education

Description of Yale School of Management Video: Panelists: Joel Klein, Executive Vice President, News Corporation; Ned Lamont '80, Founder and Chairman, Lamont Digital Systems, Inc.; Jennifer C. Niles '98, Founder