AI Innovation Workshop Design Thinking Design Sprint Process

AI Innovation Workshop

AI Innovation Workshop: Harnessing AI for Creative Problem-Solving and Design Thinking We've been amazed at how generative AI can contribute at each stage of the innovation process. We've run hundreds of
AI Innovation Training with Artificial Intelligence

AI Innovation Training with Artificial Intelligence

Imagine running an innovation project with a group on a virtual collaborative whiteboard where people are connecting and co-creating with each other as well as generative AI tools like ChatGPT or whatever features are on the tools we are using. Our focus is to utilize AI during the training and engage others in learning through doing with AI as well with their own innovation challenge.
BCG Harvard MIT ChatGPT AI Productivity Study Report

BCG ChatGPT AI Productivity Study and Report

I learned about the results of a fascinating BCG study conducted by many social scientists from the world's top universities and institutions. Here is my big take away from the
Design Sprints with AI

Design Sprints with AI

Design Sprints with AI: The fusion of AI with design sprints presents an exciting frontier for innovation. Whether AI takes the lead, supports a human team, or collaborates as a parallel entity, the potential to enhance the sprint process is immense. By judiciously integrating design sprints with AI, organizations can tap into a higher level of creativity, efficiency, and user insight, ultimately driving more successful and user-centered product outcomes.
Chat GPT Generative AI Machine Learning Simply Explained

AI, Machine Learning, ChatGPT, and Generative AI Simply Explained

Terms like AI, Machine Learning, Generative AI, and ChatGPT have become part of the language of innovators and professionals. But, how do we learn (and understand) what they are so we can explain it to someone else simply? Here are some explanations that make sense.
Learn about the Miro AI tool, a built-in AI that works with Miro's whiteboard and other tools.

Miro AI: What You Need to Know

A Deep Dive into Miro's New AI: Pioneering Innovation for Collaborative Visual Workspaces Miro, one of our favorite providers of  digital collaborative whiteboard platforms, has once again raised the bar with the introduction of its innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature.
ChatGPT Coach Coaching Session

ChatGPT Acting as Coach Leading a Coaching Session

I want to share a fascinating application of ChatGPT that you may not have considered: using ChatGPT as a coach. Yes, you read that right – employing AI to guide you through a 1:1 coaching session.