FigJam Templates for Innovation and Design Thinking

Find templates to use with FigJam, a digital whiteboard tool created by Figma, for innovation and design thinking events, workshops, meetings, and more.

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Data storytelling training

Data Storytelling Training

In this training guide, we’ll share insights and resources about data storytelling and how it is used in a variety of industries, organizations, and settings.

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Design Thinking Case Studies

Review highlights from design thinking case studies by some of the most innovative, leading organizations and companies worldwide.

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Jeanne Liedtka Books on Innovation and Design Thinking

Find a compilation of books on innovation and design thinking by author Jeanne Liedtka.

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Design Thinking: a Global Study on Implementation Practices in Organizations from HPI

Design Thinking: a Global Study on Implementation Practices in Organizations – the top insights from the 2022 Design Thinking Global Study by Hasso Plattner Institute.

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The most popular design thinking exercises and activities.

Design Thinking Exercises and Activities

Learn about some of the most popular activities and exercises for design thinking. Here at Innovation Training, we’ve spent over a decade studying and applying design thinking techniques to help organizations and individuals create real, innovative change. Design thinking can help you figure out new solutions to grow and improve old processes and practices by…

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Behavioral Design Training

Find resources, articles, videos, and tips related to behavioral design training and frameworks popularized by BJ Fogg and others.

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Methods to Generate Ideas in Design Thinking

Learn how to generate more and better ideas in this blog. This article is part 5 in a series designed to explore the design thinking process. Click the links here to read through Part 1: What is Design Thinking, Part 2: Attitudes That Hurt Design Thinking & How to Change Them, Part 3: Challenge, Ideas,…

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These negative mindsets can hinder design thinking.

Attitudes That Hurt Design Thinking & How to Change Them

Discover three negative mindsets that can destroy your design thinking process (and how to overcome them!) in this blog.

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Challenge, Ideas, and Action: A Design Thinking Framework in Action

Follow along with our guide to the three stages of a design thinking framework called Challenge, Ideas, and Action.

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