Find design thinking empathy training tips in this guide.

Design Thinking Empathy Training

Looking for design thinking empathy training? Learn how to gain empathy when practicing design thinking in this innovation-focused guide.

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Design thinking for schools

Design Thinking for Schools

In this innovation and design thinking-focused post, we’ll cover resources and tips for educators implementing these concepts to schools.

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Design Thinking Metrics and KPIs

How do you measure KPI during an early-stage design thinking process? We lay out metrics using a 3-stage coaching model here.

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5 Reasons to Bring Your Team Together for a Remote Design Thinking Project Now

Not sure if remote design thinking is right for you or your team? Review this guest post from Sprintbase regarding five reasons to go virtual.

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5 Customer or User Journey Mapping Templates from Miro

Are you looking for user or customer journey mapping templates? These excellent templates from Miro may be just what you need.

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Design Thinking the Employee Experience

Want to enhance the employee experience? Discover how design thinking methodology and techniques can help you transform your workplace.

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Design Thinking for the Future of Work

Interested in design thinking training for the future of work? Find out how design thinking can help your organization adapt to changing times.

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Empathy map training and template building with Miro.

Empathy Map Template Training

In this guide, we’ll cover empathy map training and template building using the software visualization tool Miro. Find out more here.

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Design Thinking Coaching

We can connect you to an excellent design thinking coach who can help you apply design thinking in your own work, with your teams, and within your organization.

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Design Thinking New Ways of Learning & Working

I learned a lot from working to apply design thinking for myself in response to the new COVID-19 challenges. New problems and opportunities were coming to the surface weekly. Because of the uncertainty and rapid change happening, this could be the time to focus on the basics and fundamentals.

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