The Design Thinking Mindset: How to Access the Power of Innovation (Book and Audiobook)

Written by Darin Eich

Scribd reached out to us about developing and publishing a very short audiobook on design thinking. They were game to collaborate on the topic I had been most specifically interested in for some time – the mindset aspect of design thinking. You can find the audiobook here (along with a 30 day free trial to Scribd). There is also a text based ebook on Scribd. Check out the audiobook version (and turn the volume up). This one was designed for the “audio course” format and people who want something to listen to in less than an hour.

The Design Thinking Mindset Book

The Design Thinking Mindset book description (from Scribd):

How often have you come across a major challenge in your daily life, worked hard to overcome it, and thought, “There must be a better way”? That frustration is the first spark of innovation — the process that has changed the way we communicate, get around, and spend our free time. As humans, we all want to make things better. But how?
This is where design thinking, the process of understanding complex challenges and coming up with innovative solutions, comes into play. In The Design Thinking Mindset, an audio course from Scribd Coach, design thinking expert Dr. Darin Eich explains how we can all get into the design thinking frame of mind to solve problems great and small in our own lives. In the course, Eich explains what design thinking entails, how to think like an innovator, and how to use his “CIA framework” — challenge, idea, and action — to tap into the power of innovation. He also shares exercises along the way to help you apply what you’ve learned immediately, as well as supplementary materials at

You have what it takes to become an innovator — it’s all in your head. Darin Eich is here to help you access that limitless potential.