World Cafe Hosting Facilitation Guide

The World Café Method: Hosting and Facilitating Collaborative Discussion

The World Café Method is a simple and a powerful tool to foster deep, meaningful conversations in various settings - from corporate environments, to community dialogue or listening sessions, to educational workshops. This participatory design process is helpful at leveraging collective intelligence, encouraging collaboration, and exploring complex topics through discussion. We often recommend a World Café approach to people who want an interactive, discussion filled event - but may be newer to facilitation.
Transformation Workshop

Transformation Workshops

When we design our transformation workshops and programs, we pull from many of the areas we’ve been studying, developing, acting on, and teaching for years. We integrate our program design and facilitation with transformation areas like leadership development, innovation, idea generation, growth mindset, design thinking, VUCA world, adapting to change, storytelling, and learning and development. We can also focus on any of these directions as part of the transformation workshop. Here's an example description of a workshop on transformation to give you an idea of our approach. In this example you can see we use storytelling as the powerful vehicle for transformation learning (and doing). 
Transformation Training

Transformation Training

Transformation is happening in many ways in our world. Organizations are transforming. Transformation is the vision, strategy and thus the learning and development need. Professionals are transforming doing their work in new ways and working on new things with new technologies or mindsets. Transformation is everywhere and we have to transform with it. Our transformation training pulls from many of the things we’ve been researching, doing and teaching for years. These are concepts like leadership development, innovation, idea generation, design thinking, VUCA world, adapting to change, storytelling, learning and development, combined with program design and facilitation.
Top Learning and Development Training Conferences

Top Conferences for Training, Learning and Development (L&D) Professionals

The landscape of learning and development (L&D) and training is constantly changing, and professionals in the field often seek opportunities to keep abreast of the latest trends and to network with peers. Here is a list of significant L&D and training conferences that provide diverse learning opportunities, networking opportunities, and insights into industry advancements. There is no ranking to this list...we will lead with a couple of conferences that we have attended and led sessions at and continue one with more.
Designing Workshops How to Design a Workshop

The Design of a Workshop: A Guide to Designing Workshops that Engage

The Design of a Workshop: A Guide to Designing Workshops that Engage. This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step approach to designing workshops, leveraging effective strategies and best practices. We use practical examples to demonstrate how to create engaging, innovative, and outcome-oriented workshops.
Design Thinking Educator Research

Design Thinking Educator Research

We at are on a mission to identify promising practices for teaching, facilitating, or leading design thinking (or human-centered design) in education. Your insights will be instrumental in creating a resource to support educators in this domain that we can also give to you.
The Design Thinking Mindset Book

The Design Thinking Mindset Book

The Design Thinking Mindset: How to Access the Power of Innovation (Book and Audiobook by Darin Eich) We collaborated with Scribd on the topic I had been most specifically interested in for some time - the mindset aspect of design thinking.
Discover top books for a growth mindset and self-improvement.

Best Books on Growth Mindset

We've curated a list of the best books related to growth mindset that will teach you how to embrace challenges, persevere through obstacles, and foster a passion for continuous learning and self-improvement.