Facilitate Design Thinking for a Culture of Innovation
Leadership Development Keynotes and Workshops

We can design a special innovation event or design thinking workshop for you. In the keynote or workshop you will learn by doing, collaborating, and creating. Gain an innovation framework, design thinking tools, and even custom design sprint for your unique purposes and challenge you’d like to work on in the time you have. Lead innovation and facilitate design thinking for a culture of innovation wherever you are at in the organization.

Darin Eich, Ph.D. designs and leads word class innovation and design thinking events and workshops. He has worked with over 100 organizations across the globe from San Francisco to Singapore. He can train your facilitators and leaders to design and lead the same kind of events. Engage in the same level of training he has delivered at Ivy League institutions, in collaboration with Stanford experts, and for Silicon Valley companies. The only difference is this is targeted to your organization, and even at your site so you don’t have to spend thousands on travel expenses.

Darin can customize his highest impact programs for your organization and group. Here are some full day workshops that we have done with a wide variety of organizations that are ready to deliver now.


I. Harness the Power of Design Thinking: Fostering a Culture of Innovation
II. Agile Design Sprinting in your Organization: Organizational Innovation Practices

III. How to Innovate Swiftly and Systematically with Teams: Innovation Step-by-Step
IV. Leading Innovation: Mindset, Skills, Action, & Renewal
Train the Trainer: Facilitate Design Thinking for Innovation

Design Thinking for a Culture of Innovation

Design thinking is a fast growing trend practiced by some of the most successful and innovative companies in the world. IBM is training thousands of their employees on it. Learn a design thinking process, mindset, tools, and techniques to apply to your organization at this workshop with expert Dr. Darin Eich. Design thinking is a human-centered approach to iteratively create new solutions beginning with empathy.

Design thinking is an approach to create innovative solutions beginning with challenges (problems, opportunities, wants, needs, etc.) your employees, customers, users, colleagues, stakeholders, or whoever you are designing for have. When you begin the process with empathy, design thinking offers a mindset, tools, and approach to generate and develop ideas for something that can you can validate, bring into action, and make a positive impact with. Why not use design thinking with your colleagues to have a positive impact on the culture of innovation in your organization?

Here is a program done on the design thinking topic in collaboration with AmFam and the Forward Tech Festival. This was a live online broadcast. The programs at your site will be more collaborative, experiential, and activity focused since we will be in the same room. We will work on a real challenge for your organization.


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