Exploring this collaborative startup’s success

Google Campus, London

Through collaboration, mentorship, and networking, Google Campus, London is a haven for eager entrepreneurs ready to mold their ideas into tangible products. These seven floors hold cafes, office space, even conference rooms all dedicated to startup success. 

The key to these startups’ success stories is collaboration; working alongside other hopeful entrepreneurs and established professionals, along with an affordable work space in the oh-so expensive London provides an oasis of new ideas and opinions. Here, innovation is inevitable. 

Creating this campus is a wise move by Google. They provide the resources for a thriving, innovative environment, and the tech company has their name on all the new and successful enterprises. Not to say the startups residing at Campus are getting the short-end of the stick. The workspace and support makes Google Campus the best first step for any startup. Google can rest easy as the global tech leader while budding businesses get their big break; it’s a valuable partnership for everyone involved. 

Take a closer look at Google Campus, London at: http://www.campuslondon.com