Are you looking for innovation training in the UK? Do you need a design thinking workshop or speaker for your conference, event, or organisational innovation initiative? We can connect you to some of the best design thinking consultants, facilitators, trainers, and speakers based out of London who can provide UK innovation training workshops or design thinking sessions. Please fill out our form to share more about your needs or the program you are planning and we can refer you to an innovation professional to help. Our expert consultants can also travel throughout Europe or across the globe for innovation projects.

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Learn a simple design thinking approach for innovation that anyone can access quickly or go deep and work on an important innovation challenge for your or your organisation with a process, activities, tools, and techniques that can have a positive impact.

Get access to our Innovation Step-by-Step book that will help you to create and develop ideas for your challenge. Learn how to begin an innovation project and get into action with design thinking so you can gain insight and results much faster than business as usual. We can also include our online innovation training workshops and courses so you can go deep, stay in action, and keep being facilitated digitally through an innovation process and design thinking approach.

Email us directly at [email protected] if you are interested in bringing our innovation training workshops or design thinking sessions to your site in London, the UK, Europe…or anywhere in the globe. We travel or can help you online. We’ve also found some of the best consultants, speakers, trainers, and facilitators who can help your organisation with innovation and design thinking…whether it is the culture and mindset or process and technologies. Please send us a message to see what we might recommend for your unique needs.

Who needs design thinking and innovation training?

There isn’t an industry or organization that wouldn’t benefit from training in innovation – especially in today’s world of constant disruption. Innovation is for any organisation or business that wants to stay competitive, stay ahead of the curve and meet customers constantly changing wants and needs.

Whether your organization acknowledges innovation as one of its core growth pillars or finds it difficult to act or adapt quickly to new threats, or if you have good ideas but need ways to quickly test and validate them, innovation training can help your organization reach the next level by heightening collaboration and teaching your company teams useful and effective methodologies for idea generation and development.

Whether your company is a growth-oriented provider of manufacturing or design services, has a difficult time thinking through a specific challenge or is an active acquirer – innovation training can deliver business and technology integration strategies that produce business synergies to benefit all stakeholders.

Design thinking is one of the most popular and powerful approaches for innovation. It begins with understanding and empathy for your customers or users. It is an iterative process of diverging and converging to focus and validate the direction you might take with and for your customers or those you are problem solving or designing your solution for and adding value to. Many organisations are working towards a culture of design thinking for innovation. They are enabling individual employees and leaders with a design thinking innovative mindset and the process, tools, and techniques to innovate and respond to our rapidly changing world.

UK Innovation Training – Design Thinking Workshops London & Globally

We would enjoy hearing from you if you are interested in design thinking workshops or innovation training in the UK, London, Europe…or anywhere! Please email Darin directly at [email protected].