In this AI mind mapping mashup video, I explore the question of whether AI can be used to create mind maps. That’s easy. The answer is yes. I’ll show you how to do it quickly.

Watch the video where I demonstrate how to use Miro, my favorite whiteboarding tool, to generate mind maps with the help of AI. By using mind map templates and the AI feature in Miro, I show how you can expand your mind map based on a specific topic, generating questions or ideas to enhance your brainstorming process. I provide examples of creating mind maps for learning how to use AI and getting customers for a new consulting business. Join me as I showcase the power of AI in mind mapping and share some tips on how to make the most of this feature.

Miro AI Mind Map

Here’s the mind map we generated in just a couple of minutes on the whiteboard using the template and AI feature.

AI Mind Map with Miro AI Mind Mapping
Miro’s AI features go beyond mind mapping. Here are a few illustrative applications of Miro’s AI:

Project Coordination: Miro’s AI has the potential to revolutionize project management with its auto-structuring functionality. Team leaders can convert brainstorming outputs into organized project plans, Gantt charts, or alternative types of diagrammatic organization. The enhancement of real-time collaboration can further bolster team unity and efficiency.

Educational Purposes: Miro’s AI can serve as a significant tool to improve e-learning. It has the capacity to swiftly turn handwritten notes into digital format and automatically layout lessons. The AI’s language processing functionality also paves the way for educators and students to communicate more organically with the digital board.

Design Innovation: The advanced suggestions and content recognition features of Miro’s AI can enrich design brainstorming sessions significantly. Designers can draft their concepts, and Miro’s AI is capable of digitalizing these and even offering enhancement recommendations based on previous interactions.

Content Generation: Miro’s AI proves to be an indispensable tool for writers, reporters, and content makers. The language processing and smart suggestions offered by the AI can facilitate idea generation sessions, transforming initial thoughts into organized content frameworks.

See our guide to learn more about Miro AI and other use cases for your projects.