Examples of Collaborative Offsites and Workshops We’ve Designed and Led

We use design thinking to design and facilitate unique and innovative retreats, summits, workshops, offsites, keynotes, and training sessions. Watch some of our “rough prototype” videos to get a sense of what our uniquely collaborative and interactive offsite retreats and programs are like.

This was a design thinking workshop for a group held in their office. We used the unique space and met this busy consulting company where they were at to create that “offsite retreat” feel.

This offsite retreat was held at a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. We designed the retreat activities based on Frank Lloyd Wright history.

This larger group corporate event was held at a hotel conference room. We could still use the space to team 100 people up into groups of 5 with the round tables and wall space. 

The site for this executive education innovation course held at the University of Wisconsin featured an excellent outdoor space we could use and design activities for. 

This design thinking certificate program we created for Adobe was held at their conference in Las Vegas. We utilized the huge room and participants used their own mobile devices to create videos for their team design thinking prototypes.

Email us at [email protected] to get in touch about our services designing and facilitating an important event for you. We’ve designed retreats, workshops, offsites, and special programs with in special locations such as at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, a downtown San Francisco pop-up, legendary University settings, Ford’s historical sites in Detroit, etc. We love the chance to be creative and develop unique activities based on the place, history, or other theme. Innovation and design thinking workshops flourish when we can utilize the special place and people together.