Design a short innovation session and facilitate the session in teams. Learn how to engage and design training sessions using the tools and techniques that help participants learn.

Individuals will design a short session to facilitate based on a challenge they would like to get ideas for. The session length is about 10-15 minutes. They will sequence tools or activities that they would like to “prototype” in this rapid session. Teams of 4-5 form and each person takes a turn facilitating their session. The sessions could be on a wide variety of challenges such as new product ideas, ideas to leverage assets/strengths, naming ideas, identifying solutions to a problem, opportunities to seize, learning a new skill, communication ideas, etc. Individuals will see how easy and engaging it is to design a session around tools and techniques that engage participants in new ways.

After facilitating participants will receive insights on how to take their session to the next level. They will identify a next step to bring their session (or tools/activities) to a group. This is the pinnacle of the day, helping people leave with a toolkit of innovation and brainstorming activities they have used and are planning to put into action to improve their work and life.

What will you gain from this workshop?

  • Create a short innovation facilitator session to practice teaching and mentoring others.
  • Learn techniques, communication skills, and approaches necessary for facilitating innovation.
  • Develop confidence and become a leader in your organization through innovation facilitation training.

Who should take this workshop?

This workshop is for both individuals and groups to develop a framework for facilitating innovation sessions and events.

After the Workshop

Receive access to complimentary online tutorials, guides, and workshops to keep learning and developing innovation and design thinking techniques.

Your Facilitator & Trainer

Darin Eich is the author of Innovation Step-by-Step and Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs. Darin earned his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin. Darin is the president and co-founder of and BrainReactions, an innovation consulting company founded by UW students, where he led idea development and innovation projects for organizations like P&G, the United Nations, and the U.S. Council on Competitiveness.

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