Topic: Innovate how you facilitate, train, and lead virtually.

Design your own workshops and sessions utilizing design thinking and best practices for learning and facilitation.

Join us for a unique and collaborative leadership development mini-retreat series led by Darin Eich, author of Root Down and Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs and Innovation Step-by-Step. This will be a human-centered virtual event with the feel of a retreat, not a passive webinar.

You’ll get the chance to hear stories, reflect, connect with others, and get re-engaged to your purpose as a facilitator, trainer, teacher, or leader in our new virtual era. You’ll get the chance to share your experiences and current challenge to get insight from others.

This will be a series of two 2-hour sessions where you can expect to connect in pairs and small groups as well as hear stories in the larger group. You’ll get to focus on challenges important to you and receive and share insight with others.

You’ll learn virtual facilitation and leadership in our new era through being a part of it. You also will be guided through designing your own virtual session you can facilitate in your work. You’ll also access new tools and techniques to help your with your own groups.

Please fill out our short form if you are interested in this program and watch our videos to learn more.

Included in this program:

  • Practical strategies to apply the high-impact leadership development and facilitation actions in virtual programs or shorter workshops
  • Learn-by-Reflecting as we work in zoom breakout rooms and use powerful tools like collaborative whiteboards
  • Innovative experimentation of promising new activities in the virtual mini-retreat concept
  • Connecting with other awesome professionals who are interested in innovative facilitation.
  • Access to new ideas, tools and resources for 2021.
  • And most importantly, an opportunity to reflect and reconnect with your purpose.Watch this video to see how the online workshops are integrated into this program.


Online Workshops Included in this Blended Program

To keep learning, you will also receive ongoing access to self-paced virtual facilitation workshops to help you design and lead innovative virtual experiences for your colleagues and clients. These include:

Facilitation Tools & Techniques

The Innovative Facilitator

Remote Facilitation


Storytelling Training for Leaders

About your host, Darin:

Darin Eich, Ph.D. is the founder of and He is the author of Innovation Step-by-Step and Root Down and Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs. He specializes in designing and leading innovative leadership programs that engage people in learning and doing design thinking. He has designed programs used by over 1 million people for organizations like Oxford, NASA, Medtronic, Pfizer, PartnerRe, & USA TODAY. He’s learned and practiced most of his leadership development craft at institutions like William & Mary, Maryland, Dartmouth, and UW-Madison.


Are you interested in a program like this? The price will be $499 for this experience and I’ll try to find times that work for our 2 hour retreats for those that sign up. I’d like to limit the size of this to a small group so you can get to know each participant. Please let us know on our form if you are interested in this program and why. Also, contact us if you need an educator or non-profit discount to take advantage of this opportunity.