The Future of Music? Exploring AI-Driven Music Creation Tools

AI Music Making Introduction

The fusion of artificial intelligence and music production is revolutionizing the way we create, experience, and interact with music. At, we’re always on the lookout for groundbreaking tools that push the boundaries of creativity and technology. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of AI music creation with two fascinating tools: Suno and Udio. Things have come a long way since the player piano!

The Rise of AI in Music
AI music tools utilize algorithms to compose music, generate lyrics, and even produce complete songs with minimal human input. This technology not only speeds up the production process but also introduces a novel approach to musical creativity, blurring the lines between technology and art. Artificial intelligence is making significant strides in the music industry, both disrupting and offering new ways for artists, producers, and hobbyists to express their creativity and turn their idea (or story) into a song. For me, it’s important to get my hands on some of theses tools, experiment with them, and learn and formulate your own perspective from experience. Here’s our video demo of two popular AI music making tools, Suno and Udio.

Suno AI Music Demo

How to produce a custom song in 1 minute with Suno artificial intelligence.

This has been the most mind-blowing AI tool I’ve tried yet. Suno generates a custom song with AI in 1 minute. Imagine being able to make a catchy song, complete with lyrics and a cover image, in just about a minute. It’s not a rock-n-roll dream. It’s reality. And yes, I’ve made an epic song about just posting to LinkedIn. Get the Suno “How To” and see the demo. I share a few songs I’ve created. I think my favorite version is the country song you’ll hear at 5:45. This is a disruptive (and completely captivating) technology.

🎶🤖 Transforming AI into Music with Suno AI Music Tool! 🤖🎶

This Suno AI tool allows for the input of a song description – a simple prompt – and voila, a unique song is born. My own experiment led me to create a “power anthem rock” track that reflects finding inspiration for a LinkedIn post, a narrative woven into a melody that was both fun and personalized. The process is fascinating: you input your story, and the AI crafts lyrics using ChatGPT, then pairs it with music that matches your chosen style. But it doesn’t stop there; it also generates a visually captivating cover image for your creation. My experience yielded an “electronic pop” style track with an image titled “Total Eclipse of the Sound,” inspired by a recent eclipse I witnessed.

The potential for customization is vast – from rock anthems to country tunes, each with its unique twist and style. And the most fun part for me? Sharing these AI-generated songs with friends, offering them a song of shared memories or inside jokes, all crafted by this innovative tool. Beyond the entertainment value, Suno AI Music Tool shows (in 1 minute) the disruptive and creative potential of AI in our lives. It’s an example of how technology can enhance our creative expressions and connections with one another but also disrupt experts in a specific industry in an instant.

Check out our next video where we compare Suno to Udio:

Udio AI Music and Song Creation Tool

After having a blast creating over a hundred songs with Suno for various purposes, I was curious to see how Udio stacks up in creating personalized music. In this video, I give UDIO its first test by inputting a prompt about seeking inspiration for creating a LinkedIn post from my basement, a scenario similar to one I used with Suno with the exact prompt.

You can hear the song that Suno created with the exact prompt and compare for yourself at this link.

UDIO offered some unique twists, presenting two different song titles and potentially different lyrics right off the bat. I walked through listening to the songs, discussing the features I enjoyed, and how it allows for customization such as remixing or extending songs. Although I admire the technology behind UDIO and appreciate the additional options it provides, my heart still leans towards Suno for its engaging storytelling through music. However, UDIO presents a solid alternative for anyone looking to experiment with AI in music creation.

AI Music and Song Tools Conclusion

As we continue to explore and integrate AI tools into our creative processes, the potential of AI in music is fascinating and surprising. People are surprised when you share with them a song you created for them in the moment. I find myself listening to my own songs I’ve created about my friends when I have free time.Whether you’re a seasoned musician looking to experiment with new techniques, a hobbyist interested in music production, or just a regular person creating something fun for friends and family, AI music tools offer a gateway into an exciting new world of digital artistry.