Discover reasons why innovation or design thinking conferences can help your organization thrive.

Innovation and design thinking are increasingly popular today, and with good reason. These innovative processes can help you brainstorm new ideas and find solutions to problems, valuable assets for any organization looking to grow. Here are a few key reasons to participate in or, better yet, host an innovation or design thinking conference or training event this year:

Simple problem-solving

Design thinking and innovation processes are simple and straight-to-the-point. They require you to effectively break down your problem into its simplest form and provide ideas and solutions that can solve that problem. Often, you will develop a deeper understanding of your customer and what you are hoping to help them accomplish through these training sessions.

Effective collaboration

During your design thinking or innovation conference or training session, you will be working with your coworkers and fellow attendees to quickly and effectively brainstorm ideas. Everyone who attends an innovation conference will walk away with better collaboration and teamwork skills, and be more prepared to handle problem-solving work in teams in the future.

Immediate feedback

Through collaboration and open sharing of ideas and problems, you will receive immediate feedback on your work and gain powerful insights into how to launch your idea in a more efficient and successful way. Remember that the best solutions are always with the customer’s needs in mind, so having feedback from outsiders early and often is critical to product and service development.

Improved focus

Design thinking and innovation conferences and training events require you to stay focused on the problem at hand. At work, we often become distracted by all of the tasks that are on our to-do list, so having an environment solely dedicated to brainstorming and innovation is a wonderful opportunity to grow and succeed.

Testing and experimenting

During a design thinking or innovation training conference, you will be able to develop real prototypes of your ideas and test your solution in action. Whether this is simply by drawing on a piece of paper or creating a model using Legos or craft materials, your prototype will allow you to focus in on the most important aspects of your idea in a simplified version. By testing your product in action, you will be able to save time and money later on by finding problems with the idea sooner rather than later.

Innovation and design thinking conferences and training events may help you grow your products and services and reach new audiences. For more helpful tips and tricks for your organization, keep reading our innovation and design thinking resource blog. If you would like to set up your own innovation or design thinking training event or conference, contact us online today and we’ll get back to you soon.