What is the Feynman Technique and How to Use it for Learning

Learn about the Feynman Technique and its various uses on the Innovation Training blog, your source for everything related to innovation and design thinking.

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Books that can help you become a better learner.

Top Books for Learning How to Learn

Finding better ways to learn and process information is vital in every area of our lives. In this article, we’ll share some of the top books that can help you become a better learner.

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Design thinking certificate programs

Design Thinking Certificate Program

We offer our design thinking certificate programs in partnership with an organization, university, or other institution. The human-centered design programs can blend our design thinking training, innovation workshops, design thinking online courses, innovation assessments, design thinking coaching, and other unique project-based experiences and reflection into a certificate program. Our design thinking certificate courses are designed…

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design abilities

Design Thinking and Design Abilities

Learn about design thinking abilities in this guest blog post from acclaimed author, public speaker, and workshop facilitator Don Buckley.

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Learn about design thinking for teachers.

Design Thinking for Students and Teachers

Find design thinking resources, videos, activities, and more for education in our latest blog post on InnovationTraining.org.

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Acumen Academy & IDEO Human-Centered Design Course

Looking for a virtual human-centered design crash course workshop? Here are resources from Acumen Academy’s online course!

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Stanford D School Design Thinking Virtual Crash Course

Looking for a virtual design thinking workshop? We’re writing about Stanford D School’s new innovation course!

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Want Innovative Teaching? Apply Startup Principles to Reinvent Learning.

This guest article on innovative teaching shares ideas and strategies from the The Startup Teacher Playbook: Turn Your Ideas Into Actions, Personalize Professional Development, and Create Innovative Learning Experiences for You and Your Students. Education is never going back to ‘normal’ or at least one would hope not. As challenging as Covid has been, it…

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