Digital Entrepreneurs

University Video Description from USC: Nov. 3, 2011: Digital Entrepreneurs Panel Today, human interaction has a mediator -- the computer. Communication is regularly and expectantly happening over long distances and our

News Entrepreneurship

University Video Description from USC: April 22, 2010: Dean's Series on Sustainable Innovation - News Entrepreneurship--Mashup of Journalism & Entrepreneurship As traditional news organizations flounder, journalists are striking out on their

Entrepreneurship and New Economies

Description of Stanford Business School Video: Researchers and investors explored the hurdles and opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs in post-transition economies. The panelists were Niall O'Cathasaigh, George Foster, Gayle Lemmon,

What Is Strategy?

University Video Description from UNC: Professor Michael Porter of Harvard University's School of Business discusses competitive strategy and the role it can play in solving the world's challenges.

Creatively Entrepreneurial

Georgia Institute of Technology Video Description: Carl Nordgren, founder of, discusses the importance of all people becoming more "creatively entrepreneurial." In this talk he addresses four practices that enhance

The Future Of Distributed Energy Finance

Description of Duke School of Business Video: In a post cash grant, post tax credit world, what will the U.S. energy portfolio look like and how will financing evolve to

Business Models For Social Entrepreneurs

Description of Duke School of Business Video: From the "How Business Models, Capital Markets, and Ecosystems Help Scale Social Change" CASE event on October 22, 2010. Matt Nash, Cathy Clark,

Create More Value Than You Capture

Description of Stanford Entrepreneurship Video: Sharing inspirations from both innovative companies and works of art, entrepreneur and technology sage Tim O'Reilly weaves together a series of thoughtful lessons for startups.

What You Learn by Doing

Description of Stanford Entrepreneurship Video: Pulse Co-Founders Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta were curious Stanford graduate students always interested in taking on side projects to learn something new. In this