University Video Description from USC: Nov. 3, 2011: Digital Entrepreneurs Panel

Today, human interaction has a mediator — the computer. Communication is regularly and expectantly happening over long distances and our daily exposure to individuals, brands and businesses is measured through an intricate system of cables and servers. Entire social existences are being lived online and the latest generation of innovators understands this phenomenon and how to make an impact in a seemingly infinite space. The Digital Entrepreneurs Panel invites such innovators to discuss the online market, how they have achieved success by creating engaging and interactive digital assets for both brands and consumers and why this is important. It will explore the topics of new media, social media, interactive marketing and the role of digital in business and outreach. The discussion is intended to be lively, engaging and of course, digitized. Panelists come from several industries including, retail, tech, agency, and social, but all share that they are young (30 and under), savvy individuals who have founded and grown their businesses and achieved success largely through their use of social media and the web. They represent the future — where current USC students could be in the next few years.