Reflection Workshop Reflection Activities for Leadership Learning

Reflection Workshops and Reflection Activities for Learning and Development

Learn more about reflection workshops and their value in our latest Innovation Training blog. Want to design and implement your own reflective training workshop? Contact us today to get started.

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Miro Smart Meetings: A New Tool for Innovation Teams

Miro recently announced the launch of Smart Meetings, a new feature to its whiteboard tool that allows for meetings within boards.

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Round Robin Brainstorming Technique: What It Is & How to Use It

Learn about this brainstorming technique and how your organization or innovation team can use it on our blog.

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Top Jobs to be Done Books (JTBD)

Looking for book recommendations related to the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) framework? Review these innovation and design thinking minded reads here!

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Reverse Brainstorming Training: An Innovation and Design Thinking Tool

Find training resources and templates for the reverse brainstorming technique at Innovation Training, your resource for all things innovation and design thinking.

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Nominal Group Technique Training

Learn about this group problem-solving and solution generating approach.

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Brainstorming rules for brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming Rules (What are the Rules for Brainstorming Sessions?)

“Brainstorming” as a concept was originally devised by Alex Osborn as a group ideation activity. Today, many people just consider individual idea generating (or thinking) as brainstorming – when it was originally meant to be a group experience…a brainstorming session. Alex Osborn’s book Applied Imagination: Principles and Procedures of Creative Problem-Solving is a classic foundational…

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5 innovation books to read in 2018

New Innovation Books for 2021 & Beyond

Looking for innovation training books to read right now? Discover these books that will teach you tips and techniques to grow your business.

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Innovation Teams within Organizations

Find tips, resources, and more about innovation teams and building an innovative culture within your organization.

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Miro vs Mural: A Features Comparison

Which is better: Miro or Mural? Review our guide designed to illustrate the pros and cons of both options for innovation and design thinking teams.

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