Innovation assessments

6 Top Innovation Assessments To Gain Insight Into Your Company’s Efforts

Looking to gain insights into how your company is performing? Click here for 5 top innovation assessments you can use to improve your innovation and ideation efforts.

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CapGemini Innovation Report

4 Lessons for Companies from CapGemini’s Innovation Report

CapGemini’s Innovation Report 2017 set out to answer an important question: do innovation centers actually help organizations become more innovative? With 87 percent of the companies CapGemini surveyed having a dedicated lab or space for innovation, it’s important to understand how these spaces are used and if they are a relevant tool to help move…

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Deloitte Millennials Study

Deloitte’s New Study Highlights Millennials Views on Business

A large-scale study published by Deloitte highlights the attitudes of millennials regarding industry and business, as well as their fears of not having the skills needed for the future of work. Read on for the top four findings from the report. Millennials don’t believe businesses are ethical The percent of millennials who believe corporations behave…

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Five Reasons Why Your “Old School Industry” Needs to Care About a Culture of Innovation

Innovation isn’t just about the latest technology trends.  It doesn’t happen just because you have a ping pong table, exposed brick walls, and a keg of the latest craft beer in the breakroom.  It happens because you have the right culture in your organization.  Culture is about the people.   Let me explain. Today was…

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Reflection Quotes for Growth, Mindset, & Motivation

Reflection Quotes to Reflect on for a Growth Mindset & Perspective Here are 50 of my top reflection quotes to ponder, think about, and gain inspiration from. I hope these quotes provide motivation, perspective, and a mindset for growth for you apply. Just click through the visual quote slides or scroll down for the reflection…

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Innovation Skills for the Future: Insights from Research Reports

In this article, we’ll highlight five prominent research studies whose findings showcase the most important 21st century job skills needed for the future of work and organizations. The future is now as these innovation skills are needed more than ever in our world with organizations facing disruption from COVID-19 and other forces. In sum, employees…

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Stanford University: Non-Linear Path to Leadership by Kyle Forster

Stanford University Entrepreneurship Corner video stated description: Kyle Forster, co-founder of Big Switch Networks, discusses pivotal moments from his career in Silicon Valley when expertise in early stage technologies propelled him into leadership roles. Forster also shares insights from several of his favorite books and the powerful lessons all aspiring entrepreneurs should heed.

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The Future of Leadership: Perspectives on the Principalship

The Future of Leadership Video from Harvard Stated Description: Founded in 1981, The Principals’ Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education provides aspiring and experienced school leaders with exemplary professional development opportunities. The Principals’ Center has dedicated itself to the support and development of leaders who influence the character and quality of a school,…

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The Power of the Leadership Credo

Description of Columbia Business School Video: This complimentary webinar explores what a leadership credo is and how it brings value to your career and organization. The 30-minute webinar covers: How developing a credo can help leaders communicate to achieve strategic goals. Understanding your own credo ensures messages are authentic and natural because they are grounded…

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Disrupting the Discourse

Description of Harvard Graduate School of Education Video: Speaker: John H. Jackson, Ed.M.’98, Ed.D.’01, president and CEO, The Schott Foundation for Public Education John H. Jackson will present the opening keynote for The 10th Annual Alumni of Color Conference (AOCC). The AOCC seeks to inspire and impact the improvement of the education sector by annually…

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