Business Storytelling Training Workshop

Storytelling for Business Leaders

Storytelling has become a powerful approach for leadership, innovation, and design thinking. A business storytelling training workshop can help us to learn this craft and develop our communication skills. Using storytelling in training and leading can help us to relate and connect to others at an emotional level – and help others empathize with the journey and inspire a future vision. Stories can be a “superpower” that can help us to have more positive effects in our work with others. When we have a new idea, innovation, or vision to share, we can help others understand it and connect with it on a more human level through a story. We’ve been telling stories for thousands of years (and giving powerpoint presentations for just a slight fraction of that). We as humans are wired to tell stories and to listen to stories. Neuroscience fMRI studies of the brain show that our brain “lights up” when we are sharing a story or listening to one, and the storyteller and receiver syncs. This “lighting up” probably didn’t happen for you at the meeting last week with the status quo boring power point presentation. Storytelling can help us to share a vision or connect with others on a more purposeful or emotional level to share why we do what we do. In an era of accelerating change, storytelling has become a constant approach to make and share meaning.

Here’s our origin story so you can learn why we design and facilitate leadership workshops and programs on important topics like business storytelling.

Business Storytelling Techniques, Templates, & Guides

There are workshops emerging designed to help leaders at many levels in organizations communicate and innovate with greater impact through story. In our workshops, we will lead you through activities and exercises to help you find, create, make, and share your own stories. By being a better story finder, story maker, and story teller…the work of leadership, innovation, and change becomes easier and more impacting. Here are a number of the models, templates, and techniques we can engage you to use. Some are best practice approaches and others we have designed for specific purposes.

  1. Storyboarding
  2. Story building blocks
  3. 3 Act Storytelling model
  4. SAM V (Stories-Activities-Metaphors-Visuals)
  5. The Hero’s Journey
  6. The origin story-what catalyzed you for this cause? What happened?
  7. How you got into doing this. +1 to share the roots and the DIRT (vulnerability).
  8. The why story-why do you do what you do? What is a real problem?
  9. Naming names. Tell a real example of a person or organization you helped.
  10. The success story…so we know you can help us too.
  11. The here and now story. Why are you here in this moment?
  12. First storyline
  13. First question
  14. From this to that
  15. Story circle

Our business storytelling training workshops are highly interactive and engaging. We utilize as many dynamics as we can for creating the story and telling it. We focus on developing this innovative leadership skill in our participants. Some activities people will reflect on and do individually. Others they will do with a partner or in a triad. Some of our most powerful “innovating through story” activities guide teams through a design thinking process to develop a story collaboratively or as a learning community.

Storytelling Leadership Training Workshops

We customize our business storytelling training workshops for our clients and the unique audience we have. We can do our workshop on-site and in-person or remotely and virtually. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more. A leadership program can benefit from a workshop or module of another form zeroing in on cultivating this communication skill. An innovation workshop or design thinking session can benefit from activities that will help you to communicate your innovation through story. We can design the workshop with a storytelling framework or model you like or even connect you to other expert trainers or facilitators who have various specialties in different mediums. Here is a video showing some of the storyboard formats we might teach or use in your story workshop. 

Storytelling in Training for Trainers & Leaders

We have a new online workshop course on storytelling for trainers and leaders. This short virtual course is designed for trainers, leaders, managers, and innovators who need to relate, connect, inspire and advance new ideas or a vision for the future. The course if focused on helping you to create your own stories and start sharing them for impact. The online workshop course can be done individually or with a group from your organization. See our online innovation courses for more learning opportunities.

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