These whiteboard templates from Figma can help you strategize and plan

As organizations navigate through the complexities of strategic planning, digital whiteboards have become an indispensable tool for fostering creativity, enhancing teamwork, and streaming strategic decision-making processes. In this blog, we explore templates designed to empower teams in visualizing their strategic goals and action plans with greater clarity and efficiency.

1. Strategic Plan Template

This template from Figma helps you define your next move and plot a plan for the road ahead. Collaborate and innovate together by discussing vision, objectives, action plans, and more.

2. Mission, Vision Values Template

This template is centered more around establishing an organizational vision, mission, and principles that can guide strategy and business decisions.

3. Quarterly Planning Template

This template can help you reflect on performance and decisions made in the previous period while looking ahead and planning for the future.

4. Communications Plan Template

This template is focused on helping you create a communications plan that outlines how and when to work together and collaborate. It can be useful for hybrid and remote teams to get organized and on the same page.

Corporate Strategy Templates from Figma – Conclusion

Our collection of corporate strategy templates from top whiteboard tools can help you bridge the gap between traditional strategic planning methods and the demands of the modern business environment. Visualizing your strategy, objectives, and communication needs has never been easier! Let these templates be your guide to iterating, adapting, and refining corporate strategy plans with ease.