New York Times’ post, “Goodbye, for Now, San Francisco”, is a personal reflection of the tech hub from two previous residents, Nick Bilton and Mike Isaac. The two explain the influence and inspiration of living in such a place where “the way technology pervades every part of the city. […] Last week, I walked past a driverless car. Then, a few minutes later, at the New York Times bureau, a drone hovered outside, taking pictures. In most cities in America, this would make it onto the 7 o’clock news, but in San Francisco, it’s just normal.” This city has become the haven of innovation and a glimpse into the future.

With great innovation comes a price, literally. With such a demand for new talent, designs, and products, the cost of living has reached an impossible standard; locals are kicked out to make room for 19 year-old CEO’s. San Francisco has become much more than a city, but an alternate (and expensive) universe.

With the inflation of San Francisco comes hope. Other American cities such as Austin and Madison are hoping to gain from innovative technology (at a much better price). So, if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new location and an inspiring culture, think twice before heading out to San Francisco.

You can get a better look at the Bilton and Isaac’s experience in San Francisco here: