Learn about the JTBD innovation methodology and find training resources, articles, tips, and more.

Jobs to Be Done Framework Training

JTBD (or Jobs to Be Done) is a theory that describes consumer action. Customers buy products and services to get jobs done – and while the individual products/services come and go, the underlying job-to-be-done remains. In the innovation process, this really comes down to trying to find better ways of accomplishing this JTBD, rather than focusing on the product itself. This theory is tied deeply into understanding your customer or end user’s needs and determining where and how they are currently being unmet. Ultimately, organizations can use the JTBD framework to get a better understanding of what their market wants or needs and create a more compelling customer experience. In this blog post, we’ll share helpful resources for Jobs to Be Done framework training, including expert articles, videos, and books to check out. (You can also contact us for recommendations for JTBD training, workshops, projects, mapping, and in-depth studies.)

Clayton Christensen Milkshake Video explaining JTBD

The most popular story about what Jobs to Be Done is comes from the late Clayton Christensen. A customer is hiring a milkshake to do a job for them. What is it? Maybe it isn’t nourishment but maybe it is to keep them occupied on a long commute. Give the video a watch to hear this powerful story explaining the “hiring for a job” concept.

Tony Ulwick – Put Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory Into Practice With Outcome-Driven Innovation

Jobs to Be Done Books, Toolkits, Videos, Guides

Jobs to be Done HBR article

This article in Harvard Business Review by Clayton M. Christensen, Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon, and David S. Duncan is a classic in the JTBD world. The title is Know Your Customer’s Jobs to Be Done: Is innovation inherently a hit-or-miss endeavor? Not if you understand why customers make the choices they do.

Jobs to be Done Seminar Series

Agile Innovation Advisors JTBD Jobs to be Done
This series of six sessions from Agile Innovation Advisors teaches the foundations of JTBD and answers questions. You will learn about how to:

  • Clearly define the market your product competes in.
  • Understand and articulate your customers’ true needs.
  • Identify the most impactful needs for your customers and business.
  • Develop solutions that are not only innovative but also deeply resonate with your target audience.

The Jobs to Be Done Playbook: Align Your Markets, Organization, and Strategy Around Customer Needs 

This book by Jim Kalbach is one of the helpful guides to using these theories in your own innovation projects and workflows. Inside, you’ll find invaluable techniques and tips to build successful products or services your customers are looking for.

You can also watch this YouTube video explaining his JTBD approach.

Jobs to Be Done: A Roadmap for Customer-Centered Innovation

This book by Stephen Wunker promises to teach you how to unlock customer insights that drive innovation. You’ll discover how to sort valuable insights from less useful customer data, dig into the underlying “why” of consumer behavior, generate better ideas in brainstorming sessions, work customer insights into the design process, and much more.
(See our Top Jobs to be Done Books post for other book recommendations.)

Jobs to Be Done Templates

Miro JTBD Template

Popular digital whiteboard tool Miro offers two templates related to the JTBD framework: For Project Managers and Constructing Need Statements. The first contains resources specifically for project managers leading their team, including sections for customer interview prep, a potential matrix, and more. The second template specifically guides you through creating need statements to drive innovation and design projects. You can also find a JTBD template on Mural below.

Mural JTBD Template

mural Jobs to be done template

JTBD Canvas

This downloadable canvas template features space to brainstorm for your own product/service challenge using the framework as a guide.

Case Studies

Learn how other organizations have taken this framework to understand their customers better and improve their own services or products based on these needs.

How to Identify Customer Needs Video

This YouTube video from thrv: JTBD Innovation explores how to identify customer needs as the first step of the process of innovation. Their channel also includes many other videos related to the theory that can be useful for organizations just getting started with applying the framework to their own consumer challenges and needs.


Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek lead a 33-episode podcast discussing the JTBD framework as related to product design, marketing, business strategy, and technology.

Jobs to Be Done Training Conclusion

These JTBD training resources can be used to understand this unique method for innovation and product/service development. Using a jobs to be done framework may help you to innovate more effectively for your customers. Contact us for JTBD workshops and jobs to be done training to bring innovation to life in your organization.