I’m getting inspired by the story of Aldo Leopold while working with conservation leaders in a design thinking innovation program I’m facilitating. I’ve got a big idea for an innovative Aldo Leopold inspired leadership retreat to be held around Madison, WI. (Originally the idea was even bigger including John Muir and Frank Lloyd Wright experiences.)

I wanted to iterate on and whip up a quick prototype of this idea (and teach people how to get “AI copilot help” to do so with their own rough ideas and concepts. I also wanted to demonstrate the quickest way to use generative AI to get help with developing an idea or bigger concept. Something a person new to things like ChatGPT could use within a couple of minutes. Bing.com might do the trick.

In the video I demonstrate “jumping into it” and developing an idea with Microsoft Copilot (Bing Chat). This might be a good workshop activity to allow people new to these AI tools to get started instantly without signing up for anything.