internal innovation

We all have good ideas. Sometimes, even, too many good ideas. So how do you shift through all the ideas and, not only find the right idea, but to execute it successfully? Distilled has created a visual guide for internal innovation to help you with your next great idea(s).

Let’s start off with an idea: big or small. Then, share this idea with 2-3 people, rather than everyone. If these few people like the idea, then we can send out a mockup of the finished product to a wider audience. How do you get more feedback from such a large audience? Turn your idea into a tangible product. Gather this feedback (or data) and compile it for a formal review in front of the decision makers. Once this group approves, ship it!

You might be thinking to yourself, “This is elementary. Unnecessary, even.” But I ask you to reflect back on your past (great) ideas and ask yourself when was the last time you followed through into making this idea into a tangible product? I encourage you to follow these steps next time that great idea pops up in the shower. Trust me, we can’t wait to think of what you come up with next.

Get a closer look at this infographic and steps here: