Innovative resources for webinars, communicating, & collaborating

I did a 4 part online workshop series with a group of 50 educators and entrepreneurs on online tools for communication. We got people started on how to use the tools to create your own online program, webinar, webpage, video collection, or website. Here is the collection of my favorite productive, effective, and inexpensive online tools. Please comment with your suggestions or questions. Visit University Training if you’d like to get the online workshop program.

Registration or application forms

Google Drive Forms

Event registration, ticketing, emailing, etc.

Darin’s Eventbrite example for this program


GotoTraining (Interactive features like breakouts/timers, etc.)

Google Hangout


Scheduling the best time for many to meet

Website hosting


Website or blog software

WordPress (Use the “one-click install” of WordPress on Dreamhost)

Publishing your content or “program” easily

Slide Design: Example of a very simple “program” published on Medium

Video hosting



Posting & managing social media






Google Drive Forms


Google Analytics

Online Meetings


Collecting Payment Online

Paypal (Create a business account—click on tools—create a button—embed on your site)



Screen Captures Pro


Scheduling many different appointment slots

Online Tools Training

Create your own Online Program, Webinar, Event, or Website the Simple Way on a Budget

This list of tools is from the online program. You can access it. It is for beginners who may want to:

1. See demos of tools to use to communicate online.
2. Do your own webinar or online video call.
3. Build your own website/blog the simple way.
4. Create a webpage to share a video or slideshow.
5. Create a product people can buy.
6. Offer a service and get payment for it online.
7. Leverage the expertise you gained in school/work into a tiny business.
8. Learn how to use Google Forms or Eventbrite for event registration.
9. Get focused 1:1 help from me on what you are working on.
10. Create an online program/online toolkit for students/friends/co-workers/the public.
11. Develop an eBook or PDF to offer.
12. Innovate how you work and stay sharp.

Learn more about the online tools program. Leave a comment with some of your favorite online tools or suggestions for ones we should find or add.