Alberto Savoia and I presented at a conference a couple of years ago in Napa Valley. I remember being very interested in the “pretoyping” concept that he shared in his talk. I think it can be helpful for organizations moving into the action stage for the innovations they’ve conceived. It’s a great technique for the “prototyping” and “testing” stages of the design thinking process. It might help you get started with your prototyping in a quicker way and to get it in front of your users or customers so you can learn, decide, and iterate.

Here is a Stanford eCorner Seminar video on “Build The Right It” from Alberto Savoia.

Description from Stanford eCorner of this Innovation Seminar Online

Alberto Savoia
Innovation Agitator Emeritus, Google
March 6, 2019

As Google’s first engineering director, Alberto Savoia led the team that launched Google’s revolutionary AdWords project. After founding two startups, he returned to Google in 2008 and he assumed the role of “Innovation Agitator,” developing trainings and workshops to catalyze smart, impactful creation within the company. Drawing on his book The Right It, he begins with the premise that at least 80 percent of innovations fail, even if competently executed. He discusses how to reframe the central challenge of innovation as a question not of skill or technology, but of market demand: Will anyone actually care? Savoia shares strategies for winning the fight against failure, by using a rapid-prototyping technique he calls “pretotyping.”

Learn more in the book The Right It: Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed.