Description of Harvard Business School Video: Marla Malcolm Beck (MBA 1998), CEO and Cofounder, Bluemercury, Inc.

Janet Kraus, MBA Class of 1954 Senior Lecturer of Business Administration

Thai Lee (MBA 1985), President and CEO, SHI International Corporation

Sheila Lirio Marcelo (MBA 1998), Founder and CEO,

It’s tough to build successful and sustainable businesses when the world is changing at warp speed. Yet each of the successful women entrepreneurs on this panel has done exactly that. The session will describe their journeys with special focus on two critical times in the life of a new venture. The first takes place early in the life of a new venture as the entrepreneur makes key decisions about becoming an entrepreneur, choosing an opportunity to pursue, and then experimenting to find the right business model to gain traction in the market. The second occurs as the new venture begins to gain traction in the market and the entrepreneur must pivot to high growth.