Bright Idea

Rather than fighting the inevitable, those who adapt to change are the most likely to thrive. Robert “Jake” Jacobs gives readers 7 tips on how to make change and create lasting results.

1. Start anywhere, be willing to go everywhere: Harness your energy and leverage it for the greater good. Make the workplace an exciting environment in order to inspire employees.

2. Listen to the “troublemakers”: Problem people tend to see things others don’t. With these troublemakers, you will uncover new possibilities.

3. Engage people’s heads, hands and hearts: Engage all aspects of a person in order to figure out how people can work together and achieve major goals. When you create opportunities that make employees feel like part of something larger than themselves, they contribute in meaningful ways.

4. Pay attention to both leadership and followership: Both leaders and followers are needed to create successful change.

5. Always be results-driven: Results are derived from guiding decisions and actions throughout the effort. Without these outcomes, employees become underwhelmed and unenthusiastic.

6. Work on many fronts at once: Look for any opportunities for advancement. By working on multiple fronts, you won’t miss out on any potential opportunities.

7. Bet that people care about winning: The earliest wins matter the most and create the “believability index” for people. With constant gains come an ego boost.

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