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 CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, enacted the first attempt of peace amongst the technology superpowers; Tesla motors will open its patent portfolio to the public in hopes of expanding the electric car market. 

Despite the enthusiasm over electric cars, the higher prices, costs of maintenance, and lack of charging stations nationwide have discouraged car owners to consider purchasing an electric vehicle.  Musk states that he “believes that if we are to transform the car for a new era, we must address three major issues: safety, the environment and affordability. But the auto companies cannot do this alone. We will need to partner with one another, with governments and other industries if the car is to remain a source of prosperity, progress and freedom.” 

According to a range of professionals, the least effective way to benefit from a new idea or innovation is by heavily guarding the patent. We can consider Musk’s decision to be strategically sound and an important shift in mentality about patent protection. It is through this openness and alliances that innovative ideas will motivate the most talented minds. 

You can read more about the patent release on Tesla’s website: