Innovation Workshop Choices or Program Design

This is an example of an innovation program that Darin can design and facilitate for your innovation initiative, conference, summit, or leadership event. Each of these sessions can stand alone or be integrated together for more of a full day program. Email to let us know about what you are working on.

20 minute to 1 hour TED Talk style keynote that could be live streamed

Learning to Innovate

Most of us didn’t learn innovation deeply in school or at work, but these skills are needed now more than ever. Change, new technologies, and unseen disruptions are happening at such a pace that we need to do continuous learning to respond, stay relevant, and grow. How can we innovate how we learn – to learn to innovate and reap the benefits? Be inspired into action by launching small innovations for your own personal challenge and for the greater purpose of developing your innovation skills. We’ll explore how to cultivate an innovator’s mindset. Take action by running experiments, failing fast and cheap, and having successes…and learning from it all! Demystify and build an awareness of what it really is like to innovate and make it a part of your life and work.

Video clip from innovation keynote speaker Dr. Darin Eich

1 – 1.5 hour long interactive keynote

The 3Cs of an Innovation Culture: Create, Collaborate & Communicate

In this speed networking inspired event, you will be facilitated through quick, one-on-one conversations that could lead to new solutions, knowledge, resources, and collaborations. Share a new innovation you are fostering or a challenge you are working on, and get insight from fellow participants. This is an innovative, interactive approach to networking and co-creation, designed to focus conversations and catalyze relationships.

Year of Innovation Collage
Keynote Objectives & Activities

  • Collaboration, connection making and culture building in action.
  • Rapid iterations to communicate your challenge, get insight, and refine.
  • Learn the key skills of breakthrough innovators: Network, Observe, Experiment, Associate, Question.
  • Connect with at least 5 other colleagues 1:1 for about 5 minutes per pair.
  • Focus on a challenge you want innovation for in your own work ranging from recruitment, management, helping a specific client, new product ideas, problem solutions, applications of a technology, etc.
  • Around the circle debrief/reflection of insights gained with possible takeaway whiteboarding on big sheets of paper.

This start to the day lives and breathes a culture of collaboration and innovation in action and gets participants working on their own challenge (or common organization challenge) together.

1 – 1.5 hour long workshop

Innovation Step-by-Step

Innovate how you create and develop ideas to foster a culture of innovation in your work. Develop a toolkit of activities and a system for the “fuzzy front end of innovation.” In this fast paced, reflective, interactive, and engaging program, you will experience activities and a system for idea development firsthand. Get motivated to innovate by addressing your opportunities with applied systematic creativity using the “Innovation Step-by-Step” process. Follow along with your own challenge to develop new products, services, or organization enhancements.

Collaboration Innovation WorkshopWorkshop Objectives & Activities

  • Get familiar with the innovation step-by-step system through a demonstration.
  • ID a relevant challenge to follow along with and create ideas for.
  • Start to develop relationship as a 5 person team.
  • Learn collaborative tools and techniques for innovation and ideation.
  • Guide participants step-by-step with examples and techniques at each stage for their own challenge, developing & validating ideas.

2 hour end of the day team innovation collaboration challenge
hackathon to rapidly develop and pitch new concepts

Team “Hackathon” Details

Provide a challenge statement. Frame the challenge statement so each team (and individual) can make it their own based on their experience and space.

Provide questions (and examples of products/tech) that would help people focus in a promising direction.

Teams huddle up on their own and swiftly go through the Innovation Step-by-Step steps with some beginning guidance from me on tools to use, questions to ask, combinations to make, examples, etc. Each person will have an Innovation Steps worksheet to help them understand the basics while in action. The teams determine how they want to focus the challenge into a specific problem area, market, etc.

Criteria is identified that would make for the best concepts. They can generate ideas with the criteria in mind and also use it to select which concepts to advance.

Teams turn their top concept into a 1-2 slide presentation with perhaps a very rapid and rough prototype to physically demonstrate. Focus on communicating concept with a format. Who is it for, problem solved, benefit, how it might work, validation of market/interest, etc.

A box of parts or supplies can be available for teams to use for rough prototyping or presentation aids.

After 1 hour of working as a team, the teams will come back together to do short 7 minute pitches. After the pitches a panel of judges can award fun or serious prizes for top concept, best pitch, etc.

After the Innovation Conference
Innovation Step-by-Step Video Tutorial Program

After the conference participants would use the system, tools, and techniques in their work. They would spend more time creating validated concepts that they can submit for funding. There will be a password protected webpage that has select innovation training video modules and materials on it. It would be the same system and activities they go through during the day. When they return to their work they can go through the video modules step-by-step to create new product ideas or other innovations.

Overview of the Innovation Step-by-Step Process

This is an example of an innovation program that Darin can design and facilitate for your innovation initiative, conference, summit, or leadership event. Email to let us know about what you are working on.