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Design thinking keynote speakers
Design thinking keynote speaker

Design Thinking Keynote Speaker

Meet Dr. Darin Eich, highly sought after keynote speaker, facilitator, workshop leader, and founder of Darin is committed to catalyzing a culture of collaboration, innovation and learning. Darin has helped over 100 organizations across the globe, from Silicon Valley to London, develop a mindset for innovation through design thinking. Darin specializes in developing personalized programs customized to you or your organizations’ unique requirements.  His program clients have included institutions like Oxford, Dartmouth, NASA, USPTO, Pfizer, VMware, Adobe & USA TODAY.

Darin’s enthusiasm about helping organizations navigate the changing landscape led him to be an advocate for human-centered approaches to innovation and creative problem solving, storytelling and the application of new technologies (such use of virtual meeting tools) to develop programs to meet the needs of organizations around the world.  Darin holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and has studied at the University of Maryland and William and Mary. His books include Innovation Step-by-Step and Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs.

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Innovation Keynote Speaker

If the #1 thing that conference attendees want is to network with others...why don't we just design the keynote speech to do that? Darin disrupts your traditional notion of the "death by powerpoint keynote" and gets people on their feet, connecting with others, networking, and sharing ideas during his most popular keynote.

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Design Thinking Keynote Speakers

Innovation and creativity speaker Dr. Darin Eich can deliver a creative & interactive keynote speech to kick-off your program, event, or conference collaboratively. Contact us for program options, video samples, & endorsements from clients who trust Darin to kick-off their event. Darin can also connect you to other great leadership, innovation, and design thinking keynote speakers for your special event.

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Innovative & Creative Speaking & Training Options

We offer a range of creativity and innovation programs for conferences, organizations, groups, and individuals. Please contact Darin with more information about your needs and we can share directions to consider that could range from:

  • Intensive innovation culture retreats for organizations
  • Interactive keynote speech for a special event
  • Brainstorming sessions for groups
  • Engaging innovation training workshops
  • Collaborative innovative facilitation courses for leaders...or any of our online innovation training programs. The video tutorials guide you through the innovation process to develop ideas step-by-step for a challenge important to you when you need it.
  • Highly Interactive Workshops

  • Tools to Innovate

  • Training Book

  • Video Programs

Creativity and Innovation Design Thinking Keynote Focus

Most of us didn't learn creativity & innovation in school or the usual management training programs. We need a training experience that is lean, engaging, and impactful. Leaders need to develop their innovative leadership skills and respond to the challenges that are always emerging. Dozens of clients call on us when they want to strengthen their organizational culture of innovation and foster collaboration. Many times they have a special innovation initiative, event, or program they need expertise in kicking off.

  • Respond to the rapid pace of change
  • Create, develop, & launch new products, services, or strategies
  • Develop creativity & innovation skills and learn what you didn't in school
  • Leverage and utilize new technologies instead of just getting disrupted by them
  • Design for Breakthrough

  • Make Connections

  • Generate More Ideas

  • Learn a System

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