7 Virtual Design Sprint Templates from Miro

Looking for remote design sprint templates? One of our favorite innovation software tools, Miro, offers effective templates to help your virtual team.

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Remote Design Sprint Template

Looking for a design sprint template you can use with your virtual teams? This template from Miro can help you effectively facilitate your next sprint.

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What is MURAL and how can you use it for design thinking?

What is Mural and How to Use Mural for Design Thinking

What is MURAL and how can you use this tool for design thinking and innovation? Find resources and tutorials to use this software tool here.

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Steps to Design Thinking in Practice

Want to learn more about the design thinking process? This blog post walks through the stages of the design thinking process and what to expect in each.

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How to integrate pricing into a Design Sprint

Companies pour billions of dollars into designing and building products and services, yet frequently struggle to monetize them. 72% of innovations fail to meet their financial targets or fail entirely. Price is such an integral part of product design yet is often overlooked until an MVP has been fully formed and perhaps even road-tested. Organisations…

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Conferences are broken. Are Design Sprints the fix?

  It’s easy for annual conferences to feel cliché. Finding a new angle that gives you an edge and really inspires your people is a huge challenge. Even when you look at ways to mix it up, you find yourself deciding between a similar set of themes, looking at the same venues, using the same…

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Inspiring Agile Ways of Working: How Design Sprint mindsets help organisations get comfortable with agile ways of working

It’s easy to get stuck in our ways. We’re only human. But if transforming business is the goal, it requires completely new ways of working. Not just for some, but for everyone. So why not take on the challenge together? Transforming mindsets The challenge is getting people to understand how to change. What do these…

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Design Sprint Activities

Discover these common design sprint activities you can utilize to drive innovation at your organization or business.

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5 Benefits of Attending a Design Sprint Conference

5 Benefits of Attending or Hosting an Innovation or Design Thinking Conference

Innovation and design thinking conferences and training events can unlock new ideas and creative solutions to your organizational problems. Discover reasons to attend or host them in this post.

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Learn more about design sprint facilitator training here.

Design Sprint Facilitator Training

Find activities, tools, and resources for design sprint facilitator training on our blog. Discover how you can become an innovation facilitator and lead others on their innovation products and services.

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