Templates to help you conquer this innovative meeting format.

The Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) is a short design sprint exercise advanced by the team at AJ&Smart that has since gained popularity across the design thinking and innovation space. The series of activities is designed to help teams quickly identify and define a problem, come up with a list of creative solutions, choose the best solution, and develop a series of clear action steps. For teams who want to collaborate, innovate, and build better together, this format can be incredibly effective – and even fun! In today’s guide, we’ll cover the original AJ&Smart lightning decision jam templates available on Miro and Mural, as well as a virtual LDJ template designed specifically for remote teams. An activity like this could also be an engaging part of a design thinking workshop.

1. AJ&Smart’s LDJ Miro Template

The original lightning decision jam template walks you through the entire process, step-by-step. This format is great for internal design processes, organizing events, keeping up with the competition, and improving sales flow processes.

2. Mural Lightning Decision Jam Template

Don’t use Miro? No problem! You can still gain access to a template created by the AJ&Smart team on the other top whiteboarding software tool, Mural. This template also contains a step-by-step guide to following the LDJ process. Make faster decisions and generate better, more creative ideas through this innovative process.

3. Remote Jam Template

For remote teams, you may want to use this slightly adapted template from Miro. The fill-in-the-blank approach allows for easy adaptation by team members who are new to the process, Miro, or are working together remotely.


Learn this popular and effective innovation meeting approach through one of these excellent templates from Miro or Mural. The lightning decision jam may be a useful meeting format if you are struggling to generate effective ideas or implement an identified solution within your organizational workflow.

Looking for more resources and guides? Review these other relevant articles. Contact us if you are interested in a short decision sprint training workshop where we can guide you through the lightning decision jam process or something customized for your goals. Our design thinking training or innovation workshops can also have this short design sprint element built into them.

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