Top Software Tools for Design Thinking

Design thinking software tools to evaluate to improve your design thinking practice.

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to business, focused on gaining empathy about customer’s problems and challenges in order to create products that satisfy their wants and needs. This process requires different techniques and tools than your overall “business as usual” and product design efforts. To help with this process, there are many software tools and applications that you can utilize during the design thinking process. Here are some popular software tools for design thinking that you can evaluate yourself to see if digital tools can help you.

  1. Sprintbase
  2. MURAL
  3. Shape by IDEO
  4. Smaply
  5. Mire (Realtime Board)
  6. Digsite
  7. Batterii
  8. Stormboard
  9. Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides

Keep reading to learn more about each of these software tools for design thinking.

1. Sprintbase

Sprintbase is a design thinking software program that guides teams through the innovation process step-by-step. The methods and tools help teams tackle their creative problems, learn to collaborate successfully, and save time and money in the process through engaging digitally. Sprintbase was developed by expert design thinking practitioners, has been featured in Forbes, and is used by organizations like Ebay, CapGemini, Deloitte, and ABInBev. Sprintbase helps remote teams confidently apply design thinking, embed innovation skills, and get results.


MURAL is a visual collaboration space for your teams to work more efficiently. The platform provides shared, digital “whiteboards” that allows you to explore challenges and organize your ideas in one place. The features and tools they offer are growing rapidly and fit with many different frameworks and design thinking stages. Mural has a number of templates that you can work from and collaborate with others on that are based on some of the most popular activities in the design thinking, agile, and innovation world. It’s a good solution for remote collaboration.

3. Shape (by IDEO)

Shape is the newest design thinking software on our list. It comes from design thinking influencers IDEO. Shape is a visual, collaborative space to build, test, and refine your ideas. Shape allows you to do many of the key activities of design thinking online.

  • Gather inspiration and ideas.
  • Engage and guide teams through proven processes.
  • Activate communities and teams around shared strategic challenges.
  • Quickly and flexibly gather customer feedback.
  • Build and share a knowledge base.

4. Smaply

Smaply provides several unique editors that relate to design thinking processes. The first is a persona editor tool that allows you to create custom user personas based on your customers. The software also has a journey map editor and a stakeholder map designer so that you can collaborate with your team and design strategically from the very beginning of the process.

5. Miro (Realtime Board)

Miro (formerly Realtime Board) is a simple online whiteboard tool for collaboration and creation. You can brainstorm new ideas together in real time, make connections between ideas and product solutions, and more with this tool.

6. Digsite

Digsite is a platform designed for qualitative research to empower your ideas. Get to know your target customers intimately and quickly with their customized research focus-group-like methods.


Batterii is a multi-platform tool in which you can gain powerful insights into your customers. The software allows you to collect consumer insight research from anywhere on the web. You can keep everything together in one place, and manage your team’s efforts easily with the tool.

8. Stormboard

Stormboard is a shared sticky note and whiteboard software tool for innovation teams. You can generate many ideas, prioritize them, organize, and refine them within this efficient and easy to use tool.

9. Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides

Before investing in a design thinking software solution many organizations will validate and prototype the idea with Google docs or whatever collaborative document solutions their organization provides. This is simply creating a google sheet, slide, or doc and inviting people to collaborate on it at the same time or over a longer time period. This helps people play with doing some design thinking activities remotely and collaboratively. The can be at any stage of the process such as summarizing interview findings and defining a challenge with google docs, idea generation, selection, and rating with google sheets – or even creating a concept sheet or digital prototype with a google slide. We walk through an activity you can do with Google Sheets in our design thinking facilitator training program. After they see this has promise they may select an application more specifically designed for design thinking activities.

Software Tools for Design Thinking


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ALSO – Design Sprints are a popular approach for many interested in design thinking. Some of these digital tools may be able to help with that. You can train yourself on Google Venture’s Design Sprint, designed to move a team through the creation and validation process in just five days.  View 7 ways design sprints can help support innovation at your organization as well to learn why.

By utilizing online resources and software tools, you might be able to improve your design thinking process and collaborate more efficiently with your teams. For more resources to help you in every stage of the process, check out our design thinking and innovation blog.