Conceptboard for Remote Teams
Streamline Your projects with this visual collaboration workspace

As a continuation of our initiative to highlight some of the top online collaboration tools and resources for innovation and top design thinking software tools, this post will focus on another software tool designed for collaboration: Conceptboard. This visual workspace tool is quite similar to other popular “whiteboard” tools such as Miro, LucidSpark, Figjam or Mural. Keep reading to learn more about the features of this tool and resources to help you get started.

Conceptboard Features

Conceptboard prides itself on being a “centralized hub for all your content and ideas.” The visual nature of their workspace and low pricing options certainly makes it an attractive alternative to other whiteboard tools that may range on the pricier side of the spectrum. Here are a few of this tool’s features to note:

  • Infinite, shared canvas to work on.
  • Integrated screen share and video chat, embedded directly into your canvas for easy collaboration and discussion.
  • Add images, documents, and screenshots into your canvas. Works with many file types, including Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, and Google Drive.
  • Secure sharing options to allow you to control access and securely collaborate with people inside and outside of your organization or team.
  • Easy to use templates to get started quickly with brainstorming, meetings, product development, and more.

Conceptboard Resources and Guides

Conceptboard also offers a series of support resources to help you get started using their software. The links below will direct you to the right place.

  • Templates: Choose from their easy to use templates to quickly start your collaboration.
  • Getting Started: Refer to their Help Center for articles and guides on how to get started.
  • Tips for Remote Meetings: Planning on using Conceptboard for meetings? Read this article first.
  • Blog: Their blog offers a series of articles related to utilizing their software to effectively manage your innovation project.

Conceptboard is another excellent option for online collaboration and ideation processes. Find even more remote working tools and tips on our innovation and design thinking blog.