Use these design sprint templates to effectively facilitate sprints with your virtual team.

The design sprint is a popular fast-paced innovation approach that’s rapid and interactive. While many design sprints are held in-person, you can also complete the process virtually using a design thinking software tool. In this guide, we’ll explore wonderful remote design sprint templates from top tools and how you can use them to easily and correctly implement a design sprint with your remote team.

What is a Design Sprint?

Popularized by Google Ventures in the book Sprint by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, and Braden Kowitz, the design sprint approach typically consists of 5 days with unique activities completed during each of them. By quickly working through the innovation process – from ideation to storyboarding and rapid prototyping – teams are able to explore their challenge and quickly identify potential solutions for it.

Learn more about this process in our guide to design sprint training.

Miro’s Updated Design Sprint Template

Jake Knapp created an exclusive Miro template that walks you through the entire design sprint process, with updated techniques, tips, and guidance from his best-selling book and process. 

Learn more about this template and find a design sprint process walkthrough on our blog.

Miro’s Design Sprint Template

This template from Miro allows you to quickly and easily implement the original design sprint process into your virtual event. The template was created by the authors of the design sprint book along with facilitator Steph Cruchon of Design Sprint Ltd. If you have read or utilized the Sprint book in the past, this template will feel incredibly familiar to you, including many of the same exercises as the book (with a few additional ones).

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Lucidspark’s Design Sprint Template

This design sprint template from Lucidspark encourages collaboration for remote teams or those working together online. It offers a simple and customizable workbook for the entirety of the design sprint session. You can design, prototype, and test ideas using the process and space provided by Lucidspark’s online whiteboard tool.

Mural’s Design Sprint Templates

MURAL offers two great design sprint templates – “The Official Remote Template” and “Design Sprint“. These templates will walk you through the entire design sprint process, including spaces to work during each stage. Great for groups with up to 10 participants.

Klaxoon Design Sprint Template

Klaxoon’s template is a comprehensive walkthrough of the design sprint process with plenty of areas to collaborate with your team.

Invision Freehand Design Sprint Templates

Invision offers two design sprint templates for its Freehand whiteboard tool, including “Sprint Planning” and “Design Sprint.” We like the simplicity of these designs, making them easy to modify to your own specific needs.


When it comes to design sprint templates to use online, whiteboard tools like Miro and Invision Freehand provide some of the best out there. If you need help implementing or facilitating your own design sprint event, reach out to us today for personalized assistance.