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Innovative Design Thinking Certificate Programs for Organizations & Innovators

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Innovation Certificate for Individual Innovators, Design Thinkers, and Facilitators or Trainers

Learn more about our design thinking certificate program, individual innovator certification program for professionals and our train the trainer certificate program for design thinking and innovation facilitators.

  • Program does not need to be done in a group within an organization
  • Receive custom guidance from Darin as you begin the program
  • Develop an innovation project for a an entrepreneurial or innovation challenge you choose to earn the innovation certification
  • Design thinking or innovation facilitators design and facilitate an innovation workshop or design thinking session

Please fill out the form or email Darin to share more about what you are seeking in terms of your innovation training and development.

Innovation Certificate Program Testimonials

Just send us an email at [email protected] if you are interested in this unique program and we can send you testimonials from clients. This program is designed for you and can be delivered in numerous ways based on your goals. Here are some examples from clients across the globe.

"Our organization signed up for the Online Innovation Certification course developed by Darin for the innovation project team members. As the online course comes with meeting time with Darin, the project team invited Darin to join the team meetings to provide insights and professional expertise on how we should structure our innovation workshops to make them interactive and engaging and develop a culture of innovation that is sustainable in the department.

The project team and Darin had several meetings to discuss ideas and approach which we find it extremely useful. We also engaged Darin to conduct a 4-hour Innovation Workshop in Chicago based on the project team’s requirements and Darin’s innovative approach. Key members from Germany and Singapore also attended the workshop in person to learn how to conduct a workshop from Darin. The workshop is a huge success!

With the experience from Chicago, the project team made some changes to the workshop outline for the Singapore and Germany workshops through close collaboration with Darin. Both workshops very well received by the team and for someone who is facilitating a workshop for the first time, it is immensely satisfying and the guidance from Darin is superb.

I will not hesitate to engage Darin again for future innovation projects. His response to our questions is timely and always professional."

-Certified Innovation Facilitator Client in Singapore

"As part of a global stretch assignment we have been working closely with Darin Eich to develop a Finance Innovation Framework and conduct global innovation workshops. We had several meetings to align on the workshop outlines and discuss how we can drive innovation in our company. Darin is a great innovation mentor and guided the entire process very closely. The material and content he provided was extensive. We were working with his E-Book, presentations and a large online library of podcasts. It helped me understand the very basis of being systematically innovative and creating an innovative mindset. After we agreed on a common outline of the three workshops, each zone representative prepared the details for their local workshops taking place in Chicago, Singapore and Germany. Just by working through Darin’s concepts, recordings as well as discussing the agenda in detail, I was able to lead a 4-hour workshop for around 15 people in Europe. The whole workshop has been a great experience for me and it was an innovation itself. By stepping out of the usually day to day business, preparing content and doing exercises with the whole team, I learned the very essence of what it means to be innovative. From now on, whenever I see opportunities or problems causing inefficiencies, I know how to systematically work on creative, innovative solutions and concepts thanks to the innovation step-by-step program and Darin’s support."

-Certified Innovation Facilitator Client in Germany

I discovered Innovation Learning’s Innovation Certification through an online search. In fact, their website surfaced as the number one organic search result on Google! After reviewing numerous options, I decided on their program.

If you are looking to experience a learn-by-doing Innovation Course, look no further. You will learn necessary innovation theories and concepts, but more importantly, you will undertake a real-time Innovation Challenge under Darin’s guidance. I found the Facilitation Tools & Techniques, Systematic Innovation and Brainstorming Training modules particularly useful and insightful. Plus, you also get Darin's Innovation Step-By-Step EBook!

I found the breadth of the program comprehensive and more importantly, compatible with my learning and facilitation style. The Innovation methodologies taught in the Certification course are packaged in current day market verbiage, yet have firm time-tested academic roots.

The learn-at-your-own-pace format suited my busyness, but more importantly, Darin took my online enrollment personally. We had a chat at the start of the program and conclusion of the program, but I have always found Darin to be just an email away whenever I had questions both big and small.

-Certified Innovation Facilitator Client in Australia

We are a design thinking organization. Each innovation certification program is designed for your needs. So please email us about your interest, questions, and what you'd like to learn or be able to do as a result of this program.


Innovation Certification Programs for Organizations
Design Thinking Certification for Individuals

We can help you design and deliver an innovation certificate program for your organization. Our programs bundle together:

  • Online courses like those in our online innovation school
  • Highly collaborative, interactive, and engaging kick-off special events to get your innovation certificate program started
  • Innovate strategies and tools for assessment and certification that don't require industrial era tests
  • Real organizational innovation challenges and projects for employees to work on to earn the innovation certification
  • Next level opportunities for certified employee innovators to impact the organization, including facilitating innovation projects
  • Activities and workshop models for program leaders and certified innovators to conduct innovation training to accelerate a culture of innovation in the organization.
  • Focus on design thinking and customer-focused approaches to innovation.

We have models for you to use for a 20 hour innovation certification program but we can also customize it to fit your unique organizational needs. We've even helped organizations with a 200 hour innovation program where participants earned a certificate.

Please fill out the form or email [email protected] with questions or to share more about what you are working on in terms of innovation training and development. We design and offer certificate programs for organizations, groups, and individuals. Professionals who utilize our certificate program can focus on innovation, design thinking, or facilitation for their certificate project and experiential learning experiences.

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Online Innovation Courses

About your Innovation Learning Founder Dr. Darin Eich

Innovation certificate program designer and design thinking expert Dr. Darin Eich is the author of Innovation Step-by-Step: How to Create & Develop Ideas for your Challenge & Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs. He is a global Innovation Trainer, facilitator, keynote speaker & the founder of The world's top universities and organizations hire Darin to design their innovative new programs. Over 1 million people have participated in an innovative leadership program Darin has been designed. Darin has been consulting for Dartmouth College & the University of Wisconsin for 7 years. He was the President of BrainReactions, a consulting company founded by UW students, where he led brainstorming projects for clients like P&G, Kellogg, & the U.S. Council on Competitiveness. Each year he works with numerous companies and universities to help them kick-off their special program, leadership conference or innovative initiative.

  • Highly Interactive Workshops

  • Tools to Innovate

  • Training Book

  • Video Programs

Certification for Innovation Focus using a Design Thinking Approach

Many of us didn't get the chance to formally learn creativity & innovation in school or the usual management training programs. We need a training experience that is lean, engaging, and impactful. Leaders need to develop their innovative leadership skills and respond to the challenges that are always emerging. Dozens of clients call on us when they want to strengthen their organizational culture of innovation and foster collaboration. Many times they have a special innovation initiative, event, or program they need expertise in kicking off.

  • Respond to the rapid pace of change
  • Create, develop, & launch new products, services, or strategies
  • Develop creativity & innovation skills and learn what you didn't in school
  • Leverage and utilize new technologies instead of just getting disrupted by them
  • Design for Breakthrough

  • Make Connections

  • Generate More Ideas

  • Learn a System