Customer journey maps

A Beginner’s Guide to Customer Journey Maps

Customer journey maps can be an incredibly useful tool to help businesses gain insights into their customers, and ultimately, design better products and services with their customers in mind. Read on to learn more about what journey maps are, how you can create them, and how they can be used to drive innovation at your…

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PcW Innovation Guide

Five Tips to Guide Your Company Through Innovation from PwC’s Innovation Benchmark Report

PwC’s Innovation Benchmark Report showcases five findings that can help guide any company through it’s innovation strategy. With over 54% of executives in the study reporting that they struggle to align their innovation strategy with their business strategy, it’s more important than ever for businesses to connect the dots and create an innovation guidebook that…

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Design Thinking Research: Impact, Outcomes, and Results

Design Thinking Impact, Outcomes, & Results

Looking for design thinking research that discusses the impact, outcome, and results for organizations? Click here to learn more about the practice.

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Top Design Thinking Conferences From Around the World

The approach of design thinking is becoming a popular way for creatives to solve problems and find innovative solutions for clients. The various design thinking processes, tools, and techniques have even begun to be adopted by social and business organizations because of its effectiveness for focusing on the client or user. One of the best…

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UI/UX training activities

4 UI/UX Training Activities for Design Thinking

Looking for UI/UX training activities for design thinking? Click here for 4 activities to improve your innovation and design thinking efforts.

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7 ways a design sprint could support innovation in your organization

Looking for reasons to use design sprints for innovation at your organization? Click here for seven ways a design sprint could help you.

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Design Sprint Videos

Running a “design sprint” is a trending design thinking approach to innovation that is agile in nature. It’s an important concept to learn for designers, product and service developers, and organizational innovators. These design sprint videos are resources I include with my training workshops. I hope they help you to learn about this promising approach…

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Design Sprint Training

The “Design Sprint” is one of the fastest trending innovation and design thinking approaches I’ve seen in the past decade. It is now a part of our language to describe a specific kind of innovation session. This design sprint training article shares an overview of the process and resources you can use throughout. The design…

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Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky’s Sprint Talk at Google

Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky deliver this helpful Talk at Google about their book SPRINT: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days. Give it a watch to get more familiar about this approach to innovation that is one of my favorites because it blends the best of Agile and Design…

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6 reasons to host a design thinking or innovation event within your organization

There are more benefits to hosting design thinking sessions or innovation events than just the innovation work output that is produced at the event. When done well they can have a uniquely positive impact for the organization’s culture of innovation and for your people. Go beyond “innovation theatre” and design an invent that can have…

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