Discover top online whiteboard templates for mapping the customer experience

Customer experience mapping is an activity you can do to gain deeper empathy for and understanding of your customer and their experience. Understanding the customer journey can help you determine how to innovate and improve their experience every step of the way. Customer experience mapping is similar to customer journey mapping, but looks more deeply at the overall picture of the journey and how the user interacts with your business. In this post, we’ll share several popular templates for customer experience mapping from some of the top design thinking and innovation software tools, like Miro, Lucidspark, and Figma.

1. Miro Customer Experience Mapping Template

Customer Experience Map

This template from Miro was designed as a starting point to help you lay out the customer experience journey in a number of stages (labeled as success milestones). Use the step-by-step process to gather customer insights and map them out.

2. Miro CX Spark Customer Experience Map Template

CX Spark Customer Lifecycle Map Salesforce

This CX Spark template from Salesforce on Miro provides a workshop outline to help participants develop a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience, identify areas for enhancement, and outline a clear action plan to drive improvements in the experience.

3. Miro Inclusive Customer Experiences Template

Customer Experiences Map

This template from Miro utilizes experience design and storytelling techniques to help you prototype your customer’s experience. Identify and design key moments your customers are experiencing along the way and brainstorm how to improve and redefine that journey.

4. Lucidspark Experience Analysis Template

Experience Analysis Map Template

This template from Lucidspark can help you identify key elements of the customer experience and analyze how they function together. Based on the principles discussed in the book Designing Experiences by J. Robert Rossman, you’ll have a framework to follow to understand and analyze the customer experience.

5. Figma Customer Journey Map Template

Figma Customer Experience Mapping

This template from Figma outlines the customer experience through actions taken, feelings and thoughts, pain points, and goals. By going through the exercise, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customer and how you can improve their overall journey and experience with your brand, product, or service.

Customer Experience Mapping Templates Conclusion

These customer experience map templates can help you better understand your customers and their experiences, actions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to your product or service or the larger need they have. For more resources related to the customer journey and experience, check out these other template articles: