These journey mapping templates can help you better understand the customer or user experience.

One of our favorite design thinking and innovation software tools, Miro, offers templates and resources for innovators looking to better explore and understand user experience and the customer journey. Customer journey mapping is an effective way to collaborate with team members while building out a realistic representation of the different steps or stages users go through before choosing your product or service. In this post, we’ll cover five templates from Miro to help you get started with this.

1. Practical Customer Journey Mapping

This simple and easy to use journey mapping template helps you thoroughly lay out each stage of the customer’s process. The template can help you identify key value metrics for your product/service and see the bigger picture as well as the broken down stages of the customer journey.

2. Atlassian’s Mapping

This journey mapping template includes simple instructions that will help you use the template effectively to capture your own customer journey. From persona development to mapping the pain points, you will certainly have a better understanding of the end user after implementing this board in your own analysis.

3. User Journey

This user journey mapping template asks you to fill in four main sections: user tasks and activities, painpoints, opportunities, and touchpoint. By analyzing these different aspects of each stage of the customer journey, you will walk away with a deeper analysis of when and where the user can benefit from your product/service, and how you can best intercede to meet their needs.

4. Sentiment User Mapping

This visual journey mapping template analyzes sentiment, feelings, and desires of your user as they encounter every stage of their journey. This can be useful because it allows you to better provide support and resources that fit with their unique needs – when and where they actually need them.

5. Detailed Customer Mapping

This complex and detailed customer journey mapping template uses both images and text to convey key information about the customer, each step of the way. If you are looking for an incredibly thorough understanding of the end user, this template may be perfect for you.

Journey Mapping Templates Conclusion

These five customer or user journey mapping templates from Miro may be useful starting places for when you begin to conceptualize your own customer or user experience and journey. Looking for more helpful templates? Review our article on a similar topic, Customer Experience Mapping Templates.

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