Learn more about innovation with these business-focused Facebook groups

You can learn a lot through networking online. Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world, holds groups that focus on any subject you are interested in, and also can provides insights into your industry and how to grow your business. Today we’re taking a look at Facebook groups more closely to learn about top ones that focus on innovative business solutions. Here are seven Facebook groups about innovation for you to check out:

  • Innovation Hackers
  • Service Design, Design Thinking, Service Innovation
  • Open Innovation
  • Design Thinking for Business
  • Understand Innovation
  • Innovative Business Ideas
  • Everyday Innovators

Keep reading to learn more about each of these groups.

1. Innovation Hackers

This closed group is run by AJ&Smart Berlin. Here you can share innovative product and service ideas and processes. The group currently holds over 3,000 members and can be joined with permission by the admins. Find the group here.

2. Service Design, Design Thinking, Service Innovation

This public group is centered around service innovation as well as one of the most popular approaches to innovation – design thinking. The group shares insights and resources to help businesses improve their innovation processes. Find the group here.

3. Open Innovation

Open Innovation hosts ideas, research, and news related to the concept of open innovation. The group is open to anyone interested in learning more about innovation and how to apply their findings to their organization and industry. Find the group here.

4. Design Thinking for Business

This group connects ideas and solutions centered around innovation, design thinking, and business. Hosted by Integral, the group shares news, opinions, and trends for everyone to explore. Find the group here.

5. Understand Innovation

Another one of the Facebook groups about innovation on this list is Understand Innovation. Members of this closed group focus on helping business leaders deal with their largest innovation challenges. You’ll learn how to develop the right strategy and implement it in your organization with the help of these innovators and thought leaders. Find the group here.

6. Innovative Business Ideas

This group focuses simply on sharing innovative and insightful business ideas. Members are welcome from any industry to share their ideas and solutions to help companies grow. Become inspired and find out-of-the-box solutions to your business problems with this group. Find the group here.

7. Everyday Innovators

The last group on this list holds over 8,000 members discussing industry best practices and start-up solutions. The group may direct you to new innovative solutions and insights, no matter what industry you live in. Find the group here.

These seven Facebook groups about innovation can prove to be a useful resource for your company. By networking online, you gain access to new tools and resources with the click of a button. You can also increase your reputation as a trusted and innovative business leader.

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