Design Thinking, IBM Style

Last Updated February 2024

IBM has been doing a lot in the design thinking world. They’ve created a field guide and conducted deep research into the impact of design thinking on their organization. Through videos they have shared their own experience, methods, toolkits, and frameworks. They have trained thousands of their employees in design thinking. Any organization looking to spread design thinking across their whole organization might learn from how IBM is approaching it. Here are some resources to help you learn about IBM design thinking and gain some self training on their approach.

1. IBM Design Thinking Publications

IBM has released several publications and papers related to design thinking in recent years, including:

2. IBM Design Thinking Training Videos

The Loop Documentary from Invision and IBM

Dive deeper into IBM design thinking with this documentary. Learn about IBM’s journey to become a leader in the field and transform business outcomes throughout the company.

3. IBM Design Thinking Toolkit

This toolkit provides a quick resource to help you get started with design thinking. Learn more about the approach and how you can incorporate the processes into your organization.

4. IBM Design Thinking Enterprise Courses

Learn about design thinking through four IBM courses: Practitioner, Co-Creator, Coach, and Team Essentials for AI.

  • Practitioner: Learn how to apply design thinking in your own organization. Provides a baseline for valuable design thinking skills, including collaboration, research, prototyping, and storytelling.
  • Co-Creator: This course offers a series of practice-based activities designed to help you practice creating a research plan and testing ideas. The course is designed to be completed with a partner or your team.
  • Coach: Learn tactical advice on how to guide and lead teams with successful design thinking and human-centered resources.
  • Team Essentials for AI: Discover how AI can help with design thinking with the framework and tools you need to start building an AI solution today.

IBM Design Thinking Conclusion

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