9 Innovation Management Software Solutions For Companies

Innovative software solutions to improve your innovation processes

Have you been struggling to move forward with innovation processes and ideation at your company? Business in the 21st century requires constant ideation and innovation to improve the customer experience and generate leads. These 9 innovation management software solutions may help you move forward with your innovation efforts.

  • Brightidea
  • IdeaScale
  • Eureka! Online
  • HYPE Innovation
  • IdeaJam
  • Innovation Central
  • Planbox
  • Qmarkets
  • Spigit

Are you into more of a design thinking approach for innovation? See our post on top design thinking software applications to learn about popular tools like Mural, Digsite, and others.

Keep reading to learn more about each of the innovation management platforms we reference above and how to apply them at your company. The descriptions were adapted from the software websites so be sure to click through to learn more and evaluate the software yourself.

1. Brightidea

Brightidea has a one-of-a-kind innovation platform that makes it simple to manage all of your company’s activities in a single place. The platform is designed for both larger corporations as well as small businesses alike. Learn more about the platform here.

2. IdeaScale

Another innovation management software program is IdeaScale. IdeaScale is a management platform that uses crowdsourcing to help companies find and develop the next big idea. The platform comes complete with seven stages – ideation, building, refining, evaluating, estimating, funding, and completion – that help move the project forward in an easy to understand way. Learn more here.

3. Eureka! Online

Eureka! Online is a web-platform designed to unlock a company’s potential to innovate. The software provides frameworks and tools that allow for collaboration and communication among your teams. Learn more about the platform here.

4. HYPE Innovation

This platform focuses generally on idea management and collaborative problem solving. This platform provides an all-in-one location to host concept development as well as project implementation guides for your team. Learn more here.

5. IdeaJam

IdeaJam is a unique option on this list that offers a very simple service: team communication. On the platform, members of your team can post new ideas about a topic, and everyone else can vote on whether they like or dislike the concepts mentioned. Additionally, users have the option to comment on posts which will allow more elaborate discussion of ideas. Learn more here.

6. Innovation Central

Innovation Central is the management software created by Imaginatik. The platform allows for collecting ideas, collaborating, and allocating resources for different projects. The sophisticated decision-making tools and powerful social and content analytics make this software a powerful tool for companies to scale their programs globally. Learn more here.

7. Planbox

Agile Work Innovation’s software solution is powered toward developing a culture of innovation at companies and promoting creativity throughout your team. Learn more here.

8. Qmarkets

Another crowdsourcing software, Qmarkets allows for a company to develop a database of employee ideas and manage their projects from start to finish. Leveraging market research and analytics, the software can help you develop your next best idea. Learn more here.

9. Spigit

An easy to use platform that helps employers track project growth and communicate better with their employees, Spigit can be used to enable breakthroughs with your employees and power projects forward. Learn more here.

While developing an innovation culture at your company can seem like a daunting task, there are many useful innovation management software programs out there that can help. For more advice on the innovation and ideation process, check out our innovation and design thinking blog.

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