Empowering Intrapreneurship: Igniting Innovation from Within

Your organization (so far) has stood the test of time. You probably got to where you are now because of innovating in the past. But to forge ahead into the future, we must evolve and innovate. Enter Intrapreneurship: the art of thinking and acting like an entrepreneur within a larger organization. This program aims to demystify the concept of intrapreneurship, harnessing individual strengths and interests to drive innovation. Whether your role touches customers or not, intrapreneurship can be the key to revitalizing our company. Join us to discover how you can make an impact, no matter how big or small.

In crafting our intrapreneurship programs, we pay special attention to the unique dynamics, objectives, and interests of the team to focus on the individual. Through a blend of high-impact design thinking exercises, we address real-world challenges that can teach you how to foster an intrapreneurial mindset and a robust culture of collaboration.

As a consequence of our approach, participants will delve deep into design thinking methodologies inspired by Stanford’s D. School and activities designed to ignite a spirited culture of innovation and intrapreneurial vigor.

Our program seamlessly weaves individual introspection with brainstorming, offering participants a holistic, immersive learning journey. For a more tangible insight into our workshop style, I invite you to explore our video samples, which encapsulate its interactive essence.

Key Objectives of our Intrapreneurship Training Program

  • Understanding Intrapreneurship: Distinguish intrapreneurship from entrepreneurship and explore its significance in our company’s future.
  • Cultivating the Intrapreneurial Mindset: Shift from resistance to readiness, embracing change and harnessing it for innovative outcomes.
  • Mastering Design Thinking for Intrapreneurship: Utilize the design thinking process and mindset to identify opportunities, ideate solutions, and create actionable prototypes.
  • Application to Individual Roles: Identify opportunities for intrapreneurial initiatives in one’s daily responsibilities, regardless of direct customer interaction.

Learning Outcomes of Empowering Intrapreneurship: Igniting Innovation from Within

  • Understand what intrapreneurship is and how it can help with our vision for innovation.
  • Understand and apply the principles and stages of design thinking to tackle challenges and generate innovative solutions.
  • Engage in hands-on prototyping to turn ideas into tangible, actionable initiatives.
  • Reflect on personal strengths and align them with organizational or customer needs using a design thinking lens.
  • Appreciate the value of small-scale, everyday innovations and their collective impact.

Example Activities in our Intrapreneurship Program

Here are just a few examples of activities available in an intrapreneurship program:

  • Discovering the Intrapreneur in You
    • Self-reflection Activity: Mapping strengths, interests, and organizational/customer needs
    • Introduction to Design Thinking: Principles and Process
    • Hands-on Activity: Using design thinking to brainstorm potential intrapreneurial ideas
  • From Ideas to Action
    • Prototyping 101: The basics of turning ideas into actionable initiatives
    • Group Activity: Prototype your intrapreneurial idea
    • Sharing and Feedback: Peer reviews of prototypes

Learn more about intrapreneurship training and possible activities, exercises, and methodologies explored in a training session on our website.

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