Design Thinking Course from Stanford D School

Stanford Design Thinking Course Stanford Design School shares their "crash course in design thinking" to be used by everyone. It's a short and fast-paced 90 minute workshop with an overview of how

Online Tools for Innovation

Innovative resources for webinars, communicating, & collaborating I did a 4 part online workshop series with a group of 50 educators and entrepreneurs on online tools for communication. We got people

Managing Innovation

Managing innovation is imperative for companies today. And while companies might have great, new ideas, it can be frightening to follow through with the ideas. Forbes' Greg Sattell provides some
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Innovation’s Hub Comes with a Price

New York Times' post, "Goodbye, for Now, San Francisco", is a personal reflection of the tech hub from two previous residents, Nick Bilton and Mike Isaac. The two explain the
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5 Traits to Make Your Business More Innovative

In 2007, The Mayo Clinic conducted a study to figure out the best practices of companies that most often succeed at innovation. As a result, they unearthed five traits that these companies
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The Next Great Idea (Infographic)

We all have good ideas. Sometimes, even, too many good ideas. So how do you shift through all the ideas and, not only find the right idea, but to execute
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35 Years of the Walkman

It was 35 years ago that Sony created a portable music player, the Walkman. Although the Japanese company retired the groundbreaking gadget in 2010, it's no secret that the Walkman
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Disruptive Innovation Explained

In this quick yet informative video, Harvard Business Review explains the oh-so popular concept of Disruptive Innovation. As this innovation states, although your marketing efforts may work now, you can